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Ultrasound Measure on its way to desk of pro-life Louisiana Governor Jindal

by | May 31, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Louisiana state Senate President Pro Tem Sharon Weston Broome

A bill ensuring that a mother have the opportunity to view an ultrasound image of her unborn child prior to making an abortion decision was given final passage today by the Louisiana legislature. The bill is expected to be signed by pro-life Governor Bobby Jindal.

The Louisiana bill, Senate Bill 708, is based on a Texas law which was upheld by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

Senate President Pro Tem Sharon Weston Broome authored the bill which passed the House by a 95-1 vote, and was concurred to in the Senate by a vote of 33-3-3.

The bill ensures that abortionists display an ultrasound image of the unborn child for the mother to view before an abortion decision. Abortionists are further required to allow mothers to hear the child’s heartbeat, and provide information about the development of the unborn baby.

“In practice, an ultrasound law that does not ensure that the ultrasound is displayed can become almost meaningless because virtually every abortion facility will slip a waiver form into the stack of papers mothers are asked to sign,” said Mary Spaulding Balch, J.D., director of state legislation for National Right to Life. “This legislation would protect women considering abortion from being deprived of the full information they should have before making such life changing decisions by such practice.”

Added Balch, “We commend Senate President Pro Tem Sharon Weston Broome and the work of Louisiana Right to Life for their hard work in ensuring that the abortionist must display the ultrasound image of the unborn child for the mother. Today, their tireless efforts have paid off, and we are so pleased by this success.”

The Louisiana legislature is also on the verge of passing a bill which would protect from abortion unborn children who are capable of feeling pain which,  based on substantial medical evidence, is at least from 20 weeks after fertilization. It passed earlier in the Senate, and more recently in the House in amended form. It now has to return to the Senate for concurrence which can happen as soon as tomorrow.

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