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Washington Post Promos NARAL of Virginia’s Scorecard

by | May 3, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Margaret Doyle is removed by Capitol Police from the General Assembly Building in Richmond , Virginia

It would be embarrassing, if the Washington Post was capable of being embarrassed. Yesterday it ran a promo piece for NARAL of Virginia, which, naturally, harrumphed about “extreme bills” and a “war on women” as it distributed its “annual comprehensive analysis of votes taken on bills related to reproductive rights and health during the latest Virginia General Assembly session.”

As you may recall the Post was the reliable megaphone for the hysterical accusations against the Virginia legislature. People shouldn’t forget that the Commonwealth was ground zero for the bogus “war on women” mantra.

Legislators proposed merely to require what virtually every abortionist was already routinely doing: perform an ultrasound so that a mother has the opportunity to look at the unborn child whose life she is about to end.

Virginia was the test case for the strategy that if you bus in enough angry pro-abortionists, shout to the heavens that the transvaginal ultrasounds constitute ‘rape,’ you can sit back and anticipate newspapers and television stations parroting your libelous charges. In the end, Virginia passed its ultrasound law but not without waves of charges, as ugly as they were disingenuous, hurled against legislators.

The Post led the charge, so it is only appropriate, in a bizarre sort of way, that it should run a story about NARAL’s scorecard AND link to the report itself. And it is also appropriate that the Post reporter AGAIN misrepresented what the original bill “required.”

Adding to the celebratory tone of the piece by Laura Vozzella is (a) a photo “one of two Republicans to earn a perfect score from NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia”; (b) and a list of bills which did not pass.

Another fine example of “objective” reporting.

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