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What’s airing on Pro-Life Perspective Today? “Teen Leadership Camps: Building for the Future”

by | May 10, 2012

NRLC President Carol Tobias

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion leaders habitually lament that young women are not actively involved in the fight over abortion. That is never a concern among pro-lifers. Young women and men are taking advantage of the many opportunities afforded by National Right to Life and its state affiliates to prepare themselves to do battle on behalf of the unborn and the medically dependent elderly.

On Wednesday National Right to Life President and Pro-Life Perspective Host Carol Tobias talks about Teen leadership camps, which, she says,

“seem to be everywhere. Or, at least … they could (and should) be! The National Right to Life Committee Life and Leadership Camp Initiative had a great pilot year and we’re all looking forward to 2012. These camps are designed to help train the next generation of the pro-life movement’s best and brightest and the movement is already experiencing tremendous benefits from our campers.”

Mrs. Tobias helps the listener understand why an investment in young people is so crucial.

    “Our Movement has already spanned decades and will, in all likelihood, span decades more. Even after Roe has been overturned, the work of changing hearts and minds to respect and revere life must continue.”

Of more immediate concern, she tells us, is that

“We also need effective advocates who can speak to the issues, compassionately address the concerns of women facing unplanned pregnancies, and articulately explain why choosing life is always the best option.”

You will want to listen to today’s broadcast; you can also listen to Monday’s and Tuesday’s broadcast, if you missed them. Mrs. Tobias discusses how our entire camp training program is laid out neatly by National Right to Life’s Life and Leadership team and offers examples of states already have camp programs up and running.

For examples, if you live in Louisiana or Oregon, you may well have heard of Camp Joshua. If you live in Wisconsin, Camp Esther and Camp Nehemiah probably ring a bell, as well. And just this past fall, North Dakota Right to Life hosted its first pro-life training camp with plans to hold more in the spring and again next fall. She adds,

“Every summer Texas Right to Life offers its RevEAL Summer Camp and Rhode Island Right to Life has opted to take much of the camp training material and, due to the small geographical area it covers, offer a Right to Life Academy every Wednesday night for eight weeks in the summer.”

National Right to Life’s Life and Leadership Camp Initiative offers camp programs for a variety of age groups and at a number of levels. Mrs. Tobias explains that if you’d like to learn more about our Camps Esther and Joshua and the Nehemiah Leadership Institute, you can visit the camp website at

She concludes,

    “There is no question that teens who attend these camps come away educated and empowered. In addition to gaining valuable knowledge, they leave camp excited, motivated, and with a whole group of new pro-life friends. The biggest complaint we get about camps is that the kids are never ready to go home at the end. Which is actually a pretty huge compliment! We’d love to have a program running in every state over the next few years, and you can help get it going in your own state.  We’ve provided direct links to the Camp website and the email address for more information on the show’s website at”

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