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What’s airing on Pro-Life Perspective Today? “The Obama Mandate: It’s About Religious Freedom, Not Contraception”

by | May 4, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

NRLC President Carol Tobias

National Right to Life President and Pro-Life Perspective Host Carol Tobias provides an invaluable service today at She clears away the rhetorical sagebrush which the Obama Administration has used to cover the truth about its ultra-controversial mandate. As you recall Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services  is mandating that all religious institutions–universities, hospitals, and charities–pay for health insurance that covers sterilization and contraception.

What Mrs. Tobias helps us see is that there is principle involved that transcends (indeed is independent of) requiring these parties to provide birth control to their employees through health insurance plans.  Archbishop Charles Chaput put what was at stake succinctly in a recent interview:

“The central issue in the HHS-mandate debate isn’t contraception. Casting the struggle as a birth-control fight is just a shrewd form of dishonesty. The central issue in the HHS debate is religious liberty. The government doesn’t have the right to force religious believers and institutions to violate their religious convictions. But that’s exactly what the White House is doing.”

With that as a foundation, Mrs. Tobias walks the listener through three truths that have gotten lost in what the Obama Administration wants to [mis]characterize as a “war on women.”  The first is the religious liberties dimension addressed by Archbishop Chaput. She asks

“If an important personage in the government (like the president) decides he doesn’t like a position taken by a religion, does he now have the right to wipe away their moral conscience because the government knows better?  All Americans, whether or not they have religious leanings, should be concerned that constitutional rights can be so easily dismissed and ignored by this administration.”

Second, this mandate comes from a section in ObamaCare that deals with

“Preventive Health Services.”  Under this section, the Secretary of Health and Human Services may mandate that all health plans cover any service “with respect to women” that constitutes “preventive care.” If the President can declare that contraceptives are now a mandated “preventive care” service, what’s to stop Obama in a second administration from adding abortion to the list of preventive services that must be provided? 

Lastly, but no less important, Mrs. Tobias explains today that,

“insurance companies are being told that providing birth control to employees of religious institutions really doesn’t amount to spending money, because birth control is cheaper than childbirth.  That position should send chills down the spine of everyone who receives any kind of medical service.

“Birth control is cheaper than prenatal care and birth.  So is abortion.  A wheelchair is cheaper than a knee or hip replacement.  A lethal injection is cheaper than kidney dialysis or an organ transplant.  Does that mean the government should mandate that insurance companies provide the wheelchair or the injection free of charge?”

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