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Where the Romney/Obama contest is at the end of the week

by | May 12, 2012

Pro-Life Mitt Romney and Pro-Abortion Barack Obama

By Dave Andrusko

As we end this week’s editions of National Right to Life News Today, I’d like to take a panoramic view. Let’s start with the numbers from Rasmussen Reports which are very helpful because they poll daily.

The summary is two-fold good news for pro-life Mitt Romney. (By the way, I will exercise discipline and not comment on the specifics of one of the most disgraceful examples of drive-by journalism, a story in this morning’s Washington Post. It really IS sad that a once-great newspaper has sunk this low in an attempt to re-elect Barack Obama.)

For the first time ever Romney has hit 50%, Rasmussen reports. The rolling average for three days shows Romney 7 points ahead of Obama. That is the former governor of Massachusetts’s largest lead. It will be very interesting to see what the numbers are by a week from now.

Gallup has Romney up by three points, 47% to 44%.

Democratic strategist Lanny Davis, after the perfunctory slams at Romney, writes that with all the weaknesses he attributes to Romney, how come he is tied (or better) with Obama?

I think it comes down to the core message of Obama’s campaign thus far — his liberal populist message appeals to the liberal base (including me) but it doesn’t seem to please the crucial centrist independent bloc, the classic ‘swing’ voters who will ultimately determine the outcome of the presidential election. 


“This week’s Politico/George Washington University poll shows Romney with a 10 percent lead among independents. “


The latest poll out of Ohio shows that Romney now trails Obama by a single point, 45% to 44%. This is a state that is crucial to Mr. Romney.


And the race for Senate there is quickly tightening. For the longest time pro-abortion incumbent Sherrod Brown (D) had about a 15 point lead over pro-life state Treasurer Josh Mandel,(R),  who is endorsed by National Right to Life PAC. According to POLITICO

“A Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday showed Brown leading Mandel by 6 points, while another survey by Democratic firm Public Policy Polling put Brown’s margin over his GOP opponent at 8 points. Mandel’s name recognition has increased significantly in both polls, suggesting he’s made a good impression as voters get to know him.”


As you look to the future, that last sentence takes on huge significance. To get to know Josh Mandel is to like him.

One other item which is not about numbers but so indicative of how so much of the ‘mainstream media’ simply cannot think straight about Obama. An opinion piece written by the Los Angeles Times’ Meghan Daum is headlined: “Too brainy to be president?” with a subhead, “Obama’s intellect doesn’t have much currency in the political climate of extreme partisanship and pandering to a very low common denominator.”

To begin with Daum chooses to miss what Gallup has written repeatedly about Obama: he is the most divisive President in memory and (perhaps not unrelated) the public consistently believes he is more liberal than they are

So why is his language increasingly partisan? Not because he is campaigning for re-election, Daum tells us,  but because his“affinity for subtle arguments, a tendency to carefully weigh his options” and his “carefulness”  has, alas, “been read as indecisiveness. The subtle arguments have sounded, to some ears, like hedging. In response, the president has simplified his rhetoric.”

In other words, we dummies are responsible for Obama’s increasingly hostile, partisan slams at his opponents. We’re just not smart enough to understand how lucky we are to have him.

Talk about head’s, Obama wins, tails, his opponents lose.


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