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Euthanasia bill defeated in South Australian parliament—again

by | Jun 14, 2012

By Alex Schadenberg, executive director
Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Paul Russell

Paul Russell, the leader of HOPE Australia is reporting that a euthanasia bill in the South Australian parliament was defeated again, even after the author of the bill attempted to pull a fast one.

Russell reported:

“In an unexpected move in the SA Lower House today, independent MP, Bob Such drew the Second Reading debate to a close on his euthanasia bill. Early reports suggest that this was the same kind of shenanigans pulled in the same chamber last year over Steph Key’s euthanasia bill.

“Many MPs would not have been aware that this vote was coming on. There was no indication of any priority being given to this bill on the notice paper.

“Nevertheless, the bill was defeated!

“Many thanks to Damian Wyld from the Australian Family Association for his ‘on-the-spot’ text reporting. Damian was in the gallery to observe debate on another bill when this move was made.

“I’ll report on the numbers later. What we can say at this time, however, is that the SA Lower House clearly has no mood for this type of legislation and possible distain for the antics of a few who have tried various ‘unusual’ tactics to force their agenda!”

I have always said that if there is nothing wrong with euthanasia, then why does the euthanasia movement need to constantly pull these shenanigans, and conflate and lie about the facts.

Russell has been relentless in his work to stop the euthanasia movement in Australia from legalizing euthanasia. In Australia, euthanasia is a state issue, therefore Russell has been working in South Australia, as well as other states, to protect Australians from euthanasia and assisted suicide.

As Russell noted, Steph Key has also been pushing a euthanasia bill in South Australia. Let’s hope that Key gets the message. I will be speaking to a meeting of members of the South Australian parliament in a few weeks.

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