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Is the White House website misrepresenting support for HHS Mandate?

by | Jun 19, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

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Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

Writing on the website,, Ed Morrissey today offers evidence that the Obama Administration is “falsely claiming support from Catholic groups for HHS Mandate.” That mandate, of course, is the Department of Health and Human Service requirement that religious institutions and individuals of conscience  pay for health insurance plans that cover medical procedures and drugs contrary to their religious beliefs and conscience.

On Monday NRL News Today reported on the decision of the Catholic Health Association (CHA) to oppose the bogus Obama “accommodation.” Morrissey and others pointed out that the White House website has not been updated to show that change. He writes, “A search on the site for ‘Catholic Health Association’ produces nothing new since the February blog post, and 57 prior claims of support from CHA on ObamaCare.”

The White House website also is less than candid in its characterization of the position of Catholic Charities. Morrissey notes that Catholic Charities USA has not, unlike the CHA, officially changed its position. But unlike what the White House website would have you believe, the organization has not endorsed the ”accommodation.”

“Last Friday, Catholic Charities USA filed its official response to the rule change, and it’s crystal clear that they have deep reservations about the so-called compromise,” Morrissey writes. 

The letter makes for both fascinating and sobering reading. For example,

Catholic Charities USA points out because of the absurdity of the rule the organization may fail to meet two of the four “prongs” of the definition of a “religious employer.”

“However, because our mission is to reduce poverty and provide assistance to the poor and needy regardless of their faith without proselytizing or attempting to convert people to our faith, we arguably do not meet the first prong – purpose is inculcating religious values – or the third prong – primarily serves persons who share religious tenets. The Interim Rule’s definition of religious employer has the absurd effect of punishing CCUSA and its member agencies for providing services to all who need them and requiring us to limit our hiring and our services to Catholics!”

Nothing this administration does surprises me.

Please take a few minutes to read Catholic Charities USA’s official response at, and Morrissey’s full post at

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