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NRLC 2012 Welcomes Lila Rose with Open Arms

by | Jun 28, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Live Action President Lila Rose

You could tell the audience was amped up for the second general session at the opening day of the 42nd annual National Right to Life Convention. Lila Rose, though young enough to have just graduated from UCLA, is known throughout the Movement. She received a thunderous opening applause and a standing ovation when she finished her inside account  of “Exposing Planned Parenthood’s Deadly Secrets.”

It was the second appearance at the premier pro-life educational event for the president of Live Action. Clearly at home, Miss Rose joyfully talked about her homeschooled upbringing in a Christian family where children are considered a blessing.

Live Action is known for its investigative reporting which began when Miss Rose was a teenager. The latest fruits of their labor are Live Action’s l“Gendercide” project which shows the willingness of Planned Parenthood clinics and others associated with the National Abortion Federation to counsel and refer for sex-selection abortions.

But her involvement began “as an overly enthusiastic freshman” when she went undercover to find out what pregnant girls at UCLA were being told. What prompted this? It was a free-wheeling campus but she never saw a pregnant woman.

She learned that the school would refer her to two local abortionists and that if she didn’t want the abortion to show up on her parents’ insurance policy, well, there would find a way to finance the abortion. What that it was a small step to investigating what the largest abortion provider in the United States was telling vulnerable women.

Miss Rose’s remarks drew a standing ovation—for her story, her convictions, her courage, and her call to action. After the audience ended, NRLC Treasurer and Master of Ceremonies Fr. Dennis Day to observed, “That as I get older I wonder where our future leaders will come from. After hearing Lila Rose today, I’m not worried anymore.”

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