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PPFA’s Richards Slams Mitt Romney for being pro-life ‘extremist’

by | Jun 12, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

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Mitt Romney

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards clearly considers it a day wasted if she has not lambasted pro-life Mitt Romney. And while she grotesquely misrepresents what Romney has said (he is for de-funding PPFA not “women’s health,” to take just one example) and soft-pedal’s President Obama’s love affair with abortion both at home and abroad, it is useful for the public to know it WILL have a choice this November.

Take last Friday where Ms. Richards talked at the annual convention of Netroots Nation bloggers (self-described as “a giant family reunion for the left”) in her role as President of PPFA’s political arm, the PPFA Action Fund. According to, Richards said Romney’s sins included being (guess what?) an ‘extremist on women’s reproductive rights.” Not only that, “There’s just no way to overstate how little people know what’s going on.”

And (quoting from Talkingpoints) to make sure nobody missed her point,

Richards said that, compared to Mitt Romney, John McCain is a ‘mainstream moderate’ on women’s issues. To have the Republican presidential nominee go on record saying ‘we’re going to get rid of Planned Parenthood … is just so far off the reservation,’ she said.”

(Romney never said PPFA should be gotten rid of, he said it ought not to be federally funded.)

“Obama made a surprise video appearance at the annual Netroots Nation conference,” the Washington Post reported, “telling a hall full of progressive activists in a pre-taped message that ‘change is hard, but we’ve seen that it’s possible.’ The video appearance came amid some public grumbling by activists about the president, particularly regarding his lack of involvement in this week’s Wisconsin recall election.”

In fact, that is the common denominator amongst a raft of bad news. For example, according to The Hill newspaper, while still ahead among Jewish voters, President Obama’s support has dropped by double digits among Jewish voters from 2008. Justin Sink, referring to data from Gallup, writes

“The president is the choice of 64 percent of Jewish registered voters, versus 29 percent for Romney. But that equates to a 10-point drop for Obama among Jewish voters from November 2008, and a six-point pick up for Republicans. And while some of that can be explained by Obama’s slipping numbers across all demographics, the rate at which Jewish voters are defecting from the Obama campaign — and signaling support for Romney — exceeds national averages.”

Ed Morrissey notes that the decline is more widespread:

“This looks like a problem for Obama that crosses all lines of faith.  In the latest one-week totals from Gallup’s tracking poll on presidential approval, approval among those who attend religious services on a weekly basis has dropped to 36%, the lowest it has been since January — before the announcement of the HHS mandate.”

The mandate refers, of course, to the Obama Administration’s determination to coerce religious institutions and individuals of conscience to pay for health insurance plans that cover medical procedures and drugs contrary to their religious beliefs and consciences. 

There is a great deal of evidence that not only are Democrats discouraged (see the failure to unseat pro-life Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, for example) but Republicans are buoyed by the President’s continued political malapropisms and the ongoing anger among members of his own party that he is most interested in his own re-election.

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