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Pregnant Woman ‘born to be a mom’ murdered, husband charged with her death and death of unborn baby

by | Jun 4, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

The casket of Lisa Marie Caldwell Techel, who died May 26, 2012 at her home along with her unborn child, Zoey Maria.

Authorities in Ottumwa, Iowa, have arrested Seth Techel in connection with the death of his wife and their unborn child. Techel, 21, was arrested May 30 at the visitation for Lisa Techel, 23, who was five months pregnant with her first child, Zoey Maria.  Seth Techel was charged with first-degree murder and non-consensual termination of a human pregnancy.

Police alleged that he killed “his pregnant wife because he was unhappy in the marriage and wanted to be with another woman,” reported Mark Newman of the Courier Express newspaper. Mrs. Techel was killed May 26 insider her rural home by a single 12 gauge shotgun slug.

“Investigators claim that Seth Techel told the woman [with whom he was allegedly having an affair] ‘he was not happy in his marriage’ and had told his wife that,” according to the Journal Express. “Two weeks before the shooting, authorities allege, he also told the woman that ‘it will all be better in a couple weeks.’”

Funeral services were held last Thursday for Mrs. Techel,  a Washington County Corrections Officer and a Wapello County Sheriff’s Department Reserve Officer.

“First Lutheran Pastor Ralph Kister conducted the memorial,” KTVO reported. ”He spoke of his personal relationship with Techel, remembering that he baptized her and conducted her wedding ceremony on the very spot where her casket sat.”

In a “particularly touching moment,” her mother, Tracy Caldwell, “remarked that her daughter had been born to be a mom.”

According to her obituary, “Lisa loved life. Her energy and smile lit up the room and made her a joy to all of those around. She was loved by all and will be severely missed.”

The murder charge “carries a maximum penalty of life in prison, while non-consensual termination of a pregnancy carries a penalty of 25 years behind bars,” the Daily Mail reports.

Techel has denied being involved in his wife’s death.

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