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The More People Get to Know Pro-Life Mitt Romney, the more they like him

by | Jun 19, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

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Pro-Life Mitt Romney

Now that pro-life former Gov. Mitt Romney is the presumptive Republican nominee for President and also doing much better by any and all measurements, there is a lot of evaluating and re-evaluating going on.

I laughed out loud last night when I read online a story that appeared in this morning’s Washington Post. Believe it or not (obviously the reporter was amazed), Republicans are warming to Mr. Romney. “Republicans are demonstrating fresh enthusiasm,” concedes Post reporter Philip Rucker. 

“Barack Obama circa 2008 he is most certainly not,” Rucker snootily observes. “But Romney is campaigning with more confidence, in part because of his standing in the polls. While just 58 percent of Republicans viewed him favorably in mid-March, 78 percent had positive opinions in late May, according to Washington Post-ABC News polling.”

(What Rucker omits is that Romney has also sharply cut into the “likeability” gap and the grossly inflated “gender gap” is not nearly as large as portrayed. And, oh by the way, Obama has his own gender gap: he is trailing Romney badly among men.)

But it is not just Republicans who are approaching universal support for Mr. Romney. It is important that day by day any doubts pro-lifers may have had about Mr. Romney are being allayed.

Pro-life former presidential candidate Gary Bauer has a very nice column today published on in which he praises Romney has a very genuine pro-life convert.

Bauer offers examples of several prominent pro-life converts, most famously President Reagan and one-time abortionist (and NARAL co-founder) Dr. Bernard Nathanson. These men, and others, came around often because they studied the facts!

“Mitt Romney displays humility and gratitude in discussing his evolution on abortion,” Bauer concludes. “Skeptical pro-lifers should do the same in embracing him.”

More significantly, months ago, when National Right to Life endorsed Mr. Romney, NRLC President Carol Tobias addressed that question head on. Coming from the President of the preeminent single-issue pro-life organization, her words carried considerable weight. She told reporters at the National Press Club

“While some would like to call into question Mitt Romney’s pro-life position, let me state clearly and emphatically, ‘Mitt Romney IS pro-life.’

“Roe v. Wade is the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion on demand in all 50 states.  Mitt Romney believes Roe v. Wade should be overturned.

“The Hyde Amendment prevents the use of federal dollars from being used to pay for abortions through Medicaid programs.  Mitt Romney supports the Hyde Amendment and opposes using our tax dollars to subsidize abortion in any way.

“Governor Romney believes the Obama health care law, which would open the door to federal subsidies for abortion coverage and rationing of lifesaving medical care, should be repealed.  He has also stated that, if elected, he would reinstate the Reagan-era Mexico City Policy which prevents federal dollars from going to organizations that perform or promote abortion overseas.”

Mrs. Tobias summarized what is at stake in just 27 words: “As the country’s most pro-abortion president, Barack Obama has pursued a radical pro-abortion agenda. The lives of unborn children, the disabled, and the elderly are at risk.” (You can watch Mrs. Tobias deliver her remarks at

In the day to day coverage of political events, Mr. Romney’s passionate defense of religious liberty may have been overlooked. The more the public listens to him speak on this hugely important issue, the more they will sense a real kinship.

We reported on Mr. Romney’s Commencement Address at Liberty University, a terrific speech. In one section he deftly combined an allusion to the Obama Administration’s mandate requiring religious institutions and individuals of conscience forced to pay for health insurance plans that cover medical procedures and drugs contrary to their religious beliefs and consciences with a defense of the unborn. Romney told the graduates,

“The protection of religious freedom has also become a matter of debate.  It strikes me as odd that the free exercise of religious faith is sometimes treated as a problem, something America is stuck with instead of blessed with.  Perhaps religious conscience upsets the designs of those who feel that the highest wisdom and authority comes from government.

“But from the beginning, this nation trusted in God, not man.  Religious liberty is the first freedom in our Constitution.  And whether the cause is justice for the persecuted, compassion for the needy and the sick, or mercy for the child waiting to be born, there is no greater force for good in the nation than Christian conscience in action.”

Previously, in a brilliant February 3, 2012, column written for the Washington Examiner (“President Obama versus religious liberty”), Romney stated unequivocally,

“My own view is clear. I stand with the Catholic Bishops and all religious organizations in their strenuous objection to this liberty-and conscience-stifling regulation. …. And on day one I will eliminate the Obama administration rule that compels religious institutions to violate the tenets of their own faith. Such rules don’t belong in the America that I believe in. The America I believe in is governed by the U.S. Constitution and I will not hesitate to use the powers of the presidency to protect religious liberty.”

The more you know about Mitt Romney, the more you suspect he will be our next President.

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