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What picture do we see if we connect the dots?

by | Jun 8, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

A big part of the fun of writing multiple stories Monday through Saturday is you get to see the Big Picture, meaning you have a chance to connect the dots. Right now let’s see what picture emerges when the following items are linked.

·         A massive number of people around the country gather to protest on behalf of religious liberties and against the Obama Administration’s oppressive mandate designed to force religious institutions and individuals of conscience to pay for health insurance plans that cover medical procedures and drugs contrary to their religious beliefs and consciences. My guess is that the overwhelming number of demonstrators never in their wildest imagination thought they’d be in the streets. Put another way, a sleeping giant has been awaken, and it is not happy.

·         The aftershocks of the defeat of pro-abortion attempts to recall the pro-life governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker. The responses in the first 36 hours were, hey, it means nothing, certainly nothing for the presidential election. In the last 36 hours, it’s as if even most of the willfully blind are beginning to see President Obama—and by extension hosts of pro-abortion Democrats further down the ticket—are in deep trouble.

·         As measured by polls, states where Obama expected to cruise to an easy victory (Michigan) or was ahead (Ohio, Florida, and Colorado) are tightening, or have actually shown a switch to pro-life Mitt Romney’s advantage.

·         From TIME magazine’s Mark Halperin and Elizabeth Dias, “With five months until Election Day, Barack Obama faces a grim new reality: Republicans now believe Mitt Romney can win, and Democrats believe Obama can lose.” The Wall Street Journal’s Peggy Noonan began her column yesterday, “What happened in Wisconsin signals a shift in political mood and assumption.”

That having been said, there is an awful lot to be said about projecting an aura of invincibility. As anyone who reads NRL News Today knows, I have never been able to understand the basis for the myth that pro-abortion President Barack Obama is a gifted orator, a skilled campaigner, and “charismatic.”

That love affair/illusion has lasted until very recently. Until then, we were told that Obama would have more gold than King Midas to run his re-election campaign and that this huge advantage, when coupled with the advantages that go with being an incumbent and the supposed weakness of the Republican field, meant a second term was all but in the bag.

But gradually over the last three years, and especially the last few months, Mr. Obama and his campaign staff have proven to be amazingly, stunningly inept. Now reporters and columnists and various Democratic “strategists” are awakening: this really IS (to borrow from columnist and author Jimmy Breslin) the gang that can’t shoot straight.

Just to be clear (and to switch from the connect the dots metaphor), nothing is cast in stone. I am listening to the book, “The Presidents Club,” and if there is anything you’d come away having absorbed the lessons of this audio book it’s that presidential elections can change in hurry.

But for those who have fought without hesitation or discouragement against the most pro-abortion President ever, these are very, very encouraging developments.

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