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What the results of a Colorado focus group suggests about the 2012 presidential campaign

by | Jun 19, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

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Democratic Pollster Peter Hart

Last week NRL News Today paid a lot of attention to the reams of bad news for pro-abortion President Barack Obama. The one story we didn’t get to, in the long run, may be more important that a lull in African-American support, a steady decline in support among white non-college voters, the fallout from the Democrats’ failed attempt to recall pro-life Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker—to name just three.

It was the results of a Colorado focus group, conducted by Democratic pollster Peter Hart.  “[I]n a nutshell,” POLITICO’s Maggie Haberman writes, “the mood of the country is irreversibly different than it was four years ago, the economy remains the major issue and the president is facing ‘voters’ disappointment in their unmet high expectations.’”

Actually, there is much more to this group’s unhappiness, which I believe is widely shared, but let’s touch on two.  According to Hart, Obama is losing these people because

·         “The President has not drawn a roadmap, nor has he provided any real perspective of where we are currently.”

·         “[I]t all comes back to Barack Obama … they sense that this is all a show. There is no roadmap, no program, and no conviction of where the President wants to lead the country. …These Obama voters have been there, done that. As one voter put it: ‘when choosing my president, I want what is best for me and my country, not just someone who I think would be a cool guy’ to hang out with.”

Now to be sure, when you give your acceptance speech in front of a set of balsa wood Roman columns, you might say you’re setting yourself up for failure, or at least suggesting to your audience that we have a new political order with the ability to command the tides. What could that man do—or, better put, not do?

For single-issue pro-lifers, of course, there is this basic irony. When it comes to abortion and ensuring that health care will be rationed, Obama has always known exactly where he is going. He didn’t lack a roadmap, nor was he trying to be “cool.” Obama vibrates in sympathetic harmony with the Abortion Establishment and he gave them everything they wanted because it coincidently perfectly with what HE wanted.

One other thought. Pro-abortion columnist Al Hunt, writing today, descried that “The campaign has an almost mystical confidence in sophisticated technology and in its organization, assets that only matter in a razor-tight race”—a pretty clear indication he believes the race might not be unless this “insular group” straightens up.

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