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What’s airing on Pro-Life Perspective Today? “Eugenic Abortions,” Part 3

by | Jun 6, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

NRLC President Carol Tobias

National Right to Life President and Pro-Life Perspective Host Carol Tobias picks up today with the third in her three-part series about the tragedy—no lesser word will do—of eugenic abortions. In most situations this refers to aborting child diagnosed with Down syndrome BECAUSE they have Down syndrome, although children with other maladies are also aborted because they are less than perfect.

A good section of today’s broadcast, which can be heard at, deal with the resources or lack of resources many parents are given when they learn the diagnosis. Drawing on a series written by Penny Star about Down syndrome and eugenic abortions, Mrs. Tobias explains that

“Starr wrote that some parents of children with Down syndrome told that when they got their diagnostic test results, they did not get the information they needed about the condition and the resources that are available to them and their children.”

From that point Mrs. Tobias focuses on two people. The first is Lucy Talbot, the mother of a Down syndrome child, who is president of Families Exploring Down Syndrome, a support group of some 200 families in Michigan that have children with the genetic condition. Talbot said her group’s Changing Lives program, developed by the National Down Syndrome Society, is designed to teach medical professionals how to give a compassionate diagnosis and provide the resources and support that parent’s need.

“(The doctor) says, ‘Your baby has these characteristics, we think your baby has Down syndrome,’” Talbot said. “They say, ‘We’re going to do some blood work,’ and they walk out of the room.  You’ve just changed a person’s life forever,” she said.

The other is Brian Skotko, at Children’s Boston Hospital, whose sister has Down syndrome. Dr. Skotko often references a survey of over eleven hundred fellows and junior fellows of ACOG in 2004.  “Of the 60 percent that were returned,” Mrs. Tobias explains, “the questionnaire showed that some 80 percent of physicians felt qualified to counsel patients about the genetic issues surrounding a pregnancy. However, 45 percent characterized their residency training in prenatal diagnosis as either ‘barely adequate’ or ‘non-existent.’”

You will want to listen to Mrs. Tobias today at You will benefit enormously from the counsel of Dr. Skotko

To parents who have been told their unborn child has Down syndrome.

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