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What’s going wrong for President Obama?

by | Jun 15, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

We’re ending this week’s editions of National Right to Life News Today with a summary catch-up on the race for President. Everyone between here and Mars knows President Obama is looking for a toehold to break his fall. Just one piece of bad news after another.

We’ve talked about how some of the states Obama had already loaded into his “win” column are suddenly in play. The latest is Michigan.

While Rasmussen Reports continues to show Obama ahead of pro-life Mitt Romney by eight points (50% to 42%), the lead is l.4 points (46.9% to 45.5%) in a poll conducted by Michigan-based political consultants Foster, McCollum, White & Associates. Romney was ahead by one point last week in a poll released by EPIC-MRA (46%  to 45%). Just last month Democratic pollster Public Policy Polling had Obama up in Michigan by 53% to 39%.

A toehold that wasn’t was supposed to be a speech the President delivered in Ohio yesterday. It was virtually universally panned. Why? For many of the same reasons most of his pronouncements have withered on the vine.

The speech was too long, too unfocused, too repetitious, and too rife with laying the blame everywhere but at his own feet. One of the truly (unintentionally) funny mini-opinion pieces I’ve read in years appeared in today’s Washington Post.

Democrat Carter Eskew belittled Romney’s economic proposals as simplistic—it only takes three seconds to say, “It’s time for a change,” he charged—while it took Obama almost an hour to deliver his “complex” message/lecture, Eskew opined approvingly.

Actually Obama’s argument yesterday (and everyday) is even shorter that Romney’s: “Blame Bush.”

We wrote yesterday about the diminution of support for Obama among African- Americans in North Carolina. That may be an outlier, only time will tell.

What does not require additional time is calculating the level of support among white non-college voters. That was never high but it is getting worse.

To take the two key paragraphs from Nate Cohn’s piece in the New Republic

“Let’s dig into the numbers. Since February, 25 state and national polls from Quinnipiac and Pew Research disaggregated Obama’s standing against Romney by educational attainment. The dataset has weaknesses, as the Quinnipiac state polls sample six somewhat unrepresentative East Coast states. Even so, the degree of consistency across the six states and the six national polls is striking: Of the 25 polls, 22 show a larger drop-off among non-college educated white voters.

“On average, Obama has lost nearly 6 percentage points among white voters without a college degree. Given that Obama had already lost millions of traditionally Democratic white working class voters in 2008, this degree of further deterioration is striking. In the three national polls conducted since April, Obama held just 34 percent of white voters without a college degree, compared to 40 percent in 2008. Thirty-four percent places Obama in the company of Walter Mondale, George McGovern, and the 2010 House Democrats. These are landslide numbers.”

But it’s the convergence of all these downsides—these demographic numbers, the Democrat’s gubernatorial loss in Wisconsin, the Romney’s team ability to raise money, the potshots taken at Obama’s re-election team by fellow Democrats, the narrowing of the gaps in key states, and, perhaps most of all, Obama’s boring demeanor—that has resulted in many very sympathetic commentators rolling their eyes in dismay this week.

More next week. Have a great weekend.

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