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A last look for the week at the Presidential contest

by | Jul 20, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-Life Mitt Romney and Pro-Abortion President Barack Obama

As we always do, we’re concluding National Right to Life News Today for the week with an update on the race between pro-life Mitt Romney and pro-abortion President Barack Obama.

To briefly summarize previous posts this week, (1) the President’s numbers with Independent voters remain dreadful; (2) Mr. Romney’s Republican supporters are increasingly enthusiastic; (3) some of Obama’s core groups from 2008, such as young people show no signs of showing up in the same numbers in 2012; (4) the electorate has less and less confidence the economy will turn around; and (5) states where Obama was leading (such as Virginia) are growing closer and closer—and in the case of the Commonwealth, are even.

Speaking of which a new poll from Public Policy Polling (a Democratic polling firm) finds that the 14 and 15 point leads Obama enjoyed in New Mexico in previous PPP polls is now down to five (49% to 44%). The “why” part is fascinating. According to PPP

“The big difference between now and April comes with Democrats. Previously Obama was winning them 85-12 but now that lead is down to 73-21. New Mexico is a state, like North Carolina and Pennsylvania, where any chance at victory for Romney is going to require winning over a significant number of conservative Democrats. Right now he’s doing a pretty decent job of that.”

Just two other notes to end the week. “Though Romney has been besieged by millions in negative ads,” writes Michael O’Brien, “the presumptive Republican nominee remains basically even versus the president in polls. The reason? Three new polls suggest that voters’ optimism about the state of the economy has slid, making Obama more vulnerable to efforts that seek to turn the campaign into a referendum on his economic management.”

The other comes from Josh Kraushaar, executive editor of Hotline, who observed

“Obama’s favorability ratings — always his relative strong suit — are also at an all-time low. Only 36 percent in the [New York Times/CBS News] poll view him favorably, a six-point drop over the last three months, with 48 percent viewing him unfavorably. Romney’s numbers aren’t good, either — 32 percent favorable and 36 percent unfavorable — but mutually assured destruction isn’t going to win the election.”

Worth noting is something we pointed out yesterday that puts these latter numbers in perspective. The President favorability rating is a minus 12. Mr. Romney is only a minus 4—that’s a huge spread.

Moreover, “Nearly one in three say they do not yet have an opinion about the presumptive Republican nominee.”

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