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An end-of-the-week look at the presidential contest

by | Jul 27, 2012

Pro-Life Mitt Romney and Pro-Abortion President Barack Obama

By Dave Andrusko

We’re ending this week’s edition of National Right to Life News Today as we do every Friday: with a quick look at where the presidential contest between pro-life Mitt Romney and pro-abortion President Barack Obama stands. Let’s start with one of those “duh” moments, courtesy of the Abortion Establishment, because I just read it a couple of hours ago.

Here is the opening sentence from a story that ran today in the Wall Street Journal: ‘Abortion rights activists said Friday that none of GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s choices for a vice president are acceptable to them.”

No kidding?

This week we’ve looked at number of polls. By way of summary, the only one that did not show Mr. Romney and President Obama virtually tied was a bogus NBC News/Wall Street Journal. (We also referenced a slightly older Washington Post/ABC News survey with the same holes.)

But those are the simple one-on-one comparisons. The much more intriguing polls are those that show more states “in play” (up for grabs)–most recently, Minnesota was added to the list—and the multitude of polls showing the electorate is increasingly blaming Mr. Obama for the weak economy.

Two additional tidbits, beyond the silly remarks from “abortion rights activists” that began this column. In the for-it’s-worth department, Rasmussen today finds Mr. Romney ahead by five points—49% to 44%.

Again more interesting is something we’ve written about a great deal in NRL News Today: how voters see the two men ideologically and how that relates to how they see themselves. According to Rasmussen

“Seventy percent (70%) of voters see Obama as politically liberal, while 67% see Romney as a conservative. However, the president is seen as more extreme ideologically. Forty-three percent (43%) see him as Very Liberal, while just 24% believe Romney is Very Conservative. Most voters are either politically Moderate or Somewhat Conservative.

Then the biggie:

“Sixty-two percent (62%) place Romney in that group while just 25% say the same for Obama.”

This is consistent with data from Gallup we’ve talked about many times. The public sees Obama to be far more liberal than it is.

The other area worth pursuing for a second is the sense that the President is, politically, stepping on his tongue. By that I mean now that he is using a Teleprompter less often, he slips into what can only be described as sloppiness, or (if you are an opponent) a habit of reveling his “true” feelings.

In either case, instead of the dominant narrative being the “mainstream“  media’s relish at retelling Obama’s search-and-destroy attacks on Mr. Romney, the discussion is often about what in the world is Obama saying/what did he mean?

In the process two dominant myths about Mr. Obama are fading away like a worn-out fabric. First, that he is some kind of political genius, or at least a genius at running a presidential campaign. The second is that he is some sort of whiz-bang orator.

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