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ObamaCare Ruling Makes electorate less likely to vote for President Obama

by | Jul 12, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

Thanks to those who took the time to pass along kind words about yesterday’s column titled “Pro-Lifers Refuse to be misled about Pro-Life Mitt Romney.” What I said was simply that President Obama’s re-election campaign will say anything, a truth (pardon the pun) that even the slavishly pro-Obama media is beginning to grudgingly acknowledge.

I believe you will find today’s update on the presidential election of more than passing interest.

·         ObamaCare. We will see over time what the lasting effects are of the Supreme Court ruling upholding virtually all of ObamaCare and the House of Representatives’ vote Wednesday to repeal ObamaCare. Short-term (and I believe this effect will only grow larger) the impact has been that the Court’s ruling has made voters less likely to vote for Obama–27% said the ruling would make them “less likely” to vote for the President to just 12% who told the Quinnipiac Poll it would make them “more likely.” Among Independents the margin was even larger: 27% to 9%. And  among Catholics, even more so: 35% to 10%–a whopping 25 point difference!

·         Job approval. Jay Cost, who writes for the Weekly Standard,  had a fascinating analysis on Wednesday. To boil it down to a few sentences, President Obama’s job approval (according to a recent Real Clear Politics average of polls) is 46.8%. (And as Cost notes, “[T]he bulk of those polls are either polls of adults or registered voters, which tend to be more favorable to Democrats than the actual electorate.”) But if you break down those approval numbers demographically (White, Black, Hispanic), they are much lower for Obama than they were in 2008. This is also largely truly if you divide along partisan lines (Democratic, Republican, and Independent) and completely true by geographic regions. (Cost gives Gallup credit for the data.)

·         Into the Lion’s Den—a common metaphor for Mr. Romney delivering an address to the NAACP. While all the attention was initially focused on the scattered booing (when Mr. Romney criticized ObamaCare), “What you may not know is that he got a standing ovation as he left the stage and elicited applause several times during his 25-minute address to the nation’s oldest civil rights group,” according to Andrea Stone, of the Huffington Post.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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