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Speaking of “Redefining Words”

by | Jul 17, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Olivia Gans Turner

I know I shouldn’t spend a lot of time on this, so I won’t. Let’s ask ourselves (based on going-on 40 years worth of experience), whose narrative—whose understanding of what is at play when the lives of over 54 million unborn babies are taken—dominates virtually every story cranked out by the “mainstream media”—the pro-life perspective or the pro-abortion (“pro-choice”) perspective?

Is it realllllly a matter for debate? Do even the most casual Google search and read, say, a dozen stories. Whose perspective receives the lion’s share of attention? Whose charges are recycled endlessly with only an occasional rebuttal from the other side? Whose research is treated like gospel while the other side’s work (which is often newer) barely warrants a sneer? Whose vocabulary is assumed to be the only one worth employing?

And the answer is, of course, the pro-abortion viewpoint. So you simply have to laugh when the pro-abortion website has the gall to headline a recent piece “When It Comes to Reproductive Health, the National Right to Life Committee Literally Wrote the Media Playbook.”

Mary Spaulding Balch, J.D.

Robin Marty is talking about a very impressive educational tool NRLC’s Mary Spaulding  Balch and Olivia Gans Turner have produced and which they continually update: “When They Say….You Say.” Indeed, it is usually THE best attended workshop at the annual National Right to Life Convention. You can listen to their delightful presentation by purchasing the CD from (It’s #61).

Marty offers some examples from a written presentation by Balch and Turner, and then concludes (mysteriously), “When it comes to redefining words, they’ve literally written the book.”

How so? By saying “’Unborn Child, Pre-Born Child, Baby’” instead of “Fetus.”


Or writing such controversial statements as “Our cause is just, what we desire reasonable…. We must, with our words, also give the baby a face and make her a part of our human family.”


Oh, well, you get the point. Anything that turns the unborn child (sorry “fetus”) into a member of the human family (make that “mammals”) is “redefining words.”

This from the crew that bathes in euphemisms, swims in hyperbole, and holds high a eugenicist like Margaret Sanger as their patron saint.

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