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Study Finds Abortionists Broke Law in England

by | Jul 12, 2012

Andrew Lansley

By Dave Andrusko

NRL News Today has written many stories about the status of abortion in England. For all practical purposes, the law is abortion on demand. The only caveat is that there are some minimal requirements that, at least in theory, are supposed to indicate the abortion clinic is going through the motions of understanding why the woman wants an abortion.

Abortionists do not have to see a woman seeking an abortion in person, but they must certify that they are aware of her circumstances and why she wants to go ahead with the abortion. And two abortionists are supposed to okay the abortions, which are virtually always allowed.

However an undercover investigation by the London Telegraph newspaper  revealed that doctors at many British abortion clinics were routinely falsifying their paperwork. Health Secretary Andrew Lansley was outraged and vowed to crack down on clinics which were operating outside the law.

Which brings us to a story in the Guardian newspaper which began “Doctors in 13 NHS trusts in England have been found to be breaking abortion law by pre-signing forms certifying that women could have their pregnancies terminated.” What the Care Quality Commission found in spot checks ordered by Lansley was that abortionists were pre-signing the consent form in bulk. This meant only one abortionist was okaying the abortion, in violation of the law.

At the time of the revelations, Lansley—no pro-lifer, by the way—was disturbed that patients were not receiving adequate counseling. He said,

“There is the risk that women don’t get the appropriate level of pre-abortion support and counselling because, if your attitude is that, ‘You’ve arrived for an abortion and you should have one,’ well actually many women don’t get the degree of support they should…

“I completely understand the law doesn’t require the doctor to have met the woman concerned, but to pre-sign certificates when you don’t even know which woman it relates to and there hasn’t been an assessment, is completely contrary to the spirit and letter of the law.”

But because “only” 13 were found to be in violation—and, of course, eager to make things right, we’re told—the Abortion Industry and pro-abortion members of the opposition in Parliament unleashed a blistering attack on Lansley. “Chasing headlines,” a “dark, sordid and politically charged campaign,” etc., etc., etc.

I don’t claim any expertise on the situation in Great Britain, but I do know how authorities that are supposed to “regulate” abortion clinics often routinely turn a blind eye. Which is why we have ghastly situations like Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell, who will go on trial facing eight counts of murder.

Michael Cook, editor of MercatorNet, put it this way a few months back.

“Has there been a complete regulatory collapse in Britain, as well? It appears that doctors have ignored the law for years and regulators have deliberately chosen to ignore their arrogance. If the paperwork is not being done, what assurance do the government and the public have that far worse scandals – even by the standards of the law in England and Wales – are not happening? None at all.

“More importantly, the doctors and the abortion clinics are throwing sands in the wheels of democracy. The abortion law was passed with promises by politicians that women who wanted an abortion would be protected by strict safeguards. Now it is clear that those safeguards are being treated as a joke.

“The rule of law is vital in a democracy. Non-enforcement of the law by politicians and public servants out of loyalty to the higher ideology of abortion rights is profoundly anti-democratic.”

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