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What’s airing on Pro-Life Perspective Today? “Abortion in America, Part 3: 1980-1986”

by | Jul 18, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Congressman Henry Hyde, whose amendment has saved at least a million lives

First things first. If you’ve missed Monday’s or Tuesday’s edition of Pro-Life Perspectives, you can hear it, as you can today’s episode, at I trust you are using your social networks to share this important historical overview of the abortion issue and our Movement’s response to the pro-onslaught.

National Right to Life President and Pro-Life Perspective Host Carol Tobias picks up her narrative Wednesday with the year 1980. That was the year the  Supreme Court heard Harris v. McRae which challenged the constitutionality of the Hyde Amendment.  National Right to Life filed a brief in this hugely important case which addressed federal funding of abortion. The Court ultimately upheld the Hyde Amendment holding that while women had the right to abortion, the state was not required to fund it. Conservative estimates are that the Hyde Amendment has saved more than one million lives!

That same year, she explains,

“pro-lifers elected friends to the White House: President Ronald Reagan and Vice-President George H.W. Bush.  Additionally, a remarkable eleven pro-life Senate candidates defeated pro-abortion incumbents.  It is very much worth noting that 1980 marked the first time that the National Right to Life Political Action Committee became involved in the elections.”

Over the next couple of years there were tremendous battles in Congress, first over a bill and later a proposed constitutional amendment to challenge Roe v. Wade. Both, unfortunately, failed.

Mrs. Tobias then talks about the first tests in Europe using the abortifacient RU 486 (1982), followed the next year by the Supreme Court’s decision in Akron versus Akron Center for Reproductive Health. The justices struck state requirements that abortions performed after the first trimester be done in a hospital. It also struck down women’s right to know laws and waiting periods after abortion information is provided to the woman seeking abortion. However, the Court ruled that states may insist that only licensed physicians perform abortions.

Be sure to take out five minutes from your day to listen to Mrs. Tobias at I’ve listed only a handful of the topics she explores, which also include some of the many contributions of President Reagan, a huge infusion of pro-life youth, and the rapid expansion of National Right to Life. That included the debut on radio stations of “Pro-Life Perspective.”

Be sure to join Mrs. Tobias tomorrow for Part Four of “Abortion in America.”

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