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A Deep Pro-Life Bench

by | Aug 10, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

I promise not to bog you down with “rumors” about this or that person supposedly being pro-life Mitt Romney’s  more likely/most likely choice to be his vice presidential running mate. For our purposes what matters is that with one lone exception, the long list/short list is comprised of solid pro-lifers.

Our benighted opposition knows that. Periodically they take aim at one or another. Yesterday, for example, took a sledge hammer to pro-life Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wi.), whose name is often mentioned. But what Robin Marty said about Rep. Ryan could be said about a long list of possible pro-life running mates.

That would start with the headline: “Paul Ryan: ‘I’m Never Going to Not Vote Pro-Life,’” a quote from a story that appeared in the Weekly Standard.

There is a sports metaphor that is very helpful in this context: a “deep bench.” The Republican Party has a very, very deep pro-life bench, comprised of state and federal legislators, governors, and many others who formerly were in government, not to mention fields outside of governance.

Whether it’s the present, the short-term, or the long-term, that is wonderfully reassuring.

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