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Democrats increasingly worried by Ryan’s Impact

by | Aug 30, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-life Rep. Paul Ryan responds to waves of applause from GOP national convention attendees

In “Ryan’s bold and brilliant speech shows precisely why Gov. Romney chose him,” we took a first look at the impact of the remarks delivered Wednesday night to the Republican National Convention by pro-life Rep. Paul Ryan. But there is much more to say about the response to Ryan’s great speech as well as providing excerpts from the powerful speeches of pro-life former Gov. Mike Huckabee and pro-life former Senator Rick Santorum.

Is the pro-abortion team of Barack Obama and Joe Biden more nervous today than it was 24 hours before? They were likely already plenty concerned, but it’s still interesting to hear TIME magazine’s Mark Halperin observe, “Ryan’s speech, in tone, style, and substance, reflects exactly why Mitt Romney picked him. The Ryans and the Romneys have a genuinely close relationship already. … Until Wednesday night, Democrats did not seem too worried about what was coming out of Tampa; now, there is manifest concern.”

From the other end of the political spectrum, Byron York of the Washington Examiner commented, “Ryan’s 36-minute address did everything he needed to do: offer a devastating indictment of President Obama’s economic record, with a few memorable barbs about the president’s legendary self-importance; offer enough personal background so that viewers feel they know a little about Ryan; and most of all, convince voters that he and Mitt Romney will devote all their energy to jobs, the economy, and debt.”

Gov. Huckabee was, as always, funny, insightful, and thoroughly pro-life. He reminded his audience Wednesday night of the unbending pro-abortion tilt of the Obama administration and the threat it poses to people of faith. He told the convention that President Obama “believes that human life is disposable and expendable at any time in the womb or even beyond the womb, and tells people of faith that they must bow their knees to the god of government and violate their faith and conscience in order to comply with what he calls health care.”

While it is the Catholic Church’s opposition the HHS mandate that has received the most attention, Huckabee reminded attendees that “The attack on my Catholic brothers and sisters is an attack on me,” adding, “This isn’t a battle about contraceptives and Catholics, but of conscience and the Creator.”

Tuesday night Senator Santorum carried a strong pro-life message, using his daughter Bella, his three-year-old daughter who has a rare genetic disease, to illustrate what it really means to care for and about the powerless. Santorum said

“They came to see us – oh did they come — when they found out Karen and I are blessed with caring for someone very special too, our Bella.  Four and a half years ago I stood over a hospital isolette staring at the tiny hands of our newborn daughter who we hoped was perfectly healthy. But Bella’s hands were just a little different – and I knew different wasn’t good news.

“The doctors later told us Bella was incompatible with life and to prepare to let go. They said, even if she did survive, her disabilities would be so severe that Bella would not have a life worth living. We didn’t let go and today Bella is full of life and she has made our lives and countless others much more worth living.

“I thank God that America still has one party that reaches out their hands in love to lift up all of God’s children – born and unborn – and says that each of us has dignity and all of us have the right to live the American Dream.”

To return to Rep. Ryan, his selection by Gov. Romney has proven to be (as they say) a game-changer. But the direction of the change is exactly opposite of what was so glibly predicted. As the Wall Street Journal editorialized today,

“A funny thing didn’t happen on the way to Paul Ryan’s rousing speech Wednesday night accepting the GOP nomination for Vice President. The Republican ticket hasn’t sunk in the polls, Democrats haven’t nationalized the race around Medicare to their advantage, and seniors haven’t fled Mitt Romney in droves.  All of those outcomes were predicted with utter certainty by the great political sages when Mr. Romney selected Mr. Ryan on that mid-August weekend.”

Be sure to listen to Gov. Romney’s acceptance speech which will air 10:00pm EST. It is (for obvious reasons ) billed by reporters as the most important of his political career.

I have 100% confidence he will deliver a speech that will carry the Romney/Ryan ticket out of the convention on a wave of good will and enthusiasm. As Ryan said of Romney last night, “Mitt has not only succeeded, but succeeded where others could not.”

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