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Euthanasia is a Cultural Addiction

by | Aug 16, 2012

By Wesley J. Smith

Wesley J. Smith

The Netherlands opened the doors to euthanasia way back in 1973. Since then, it has fallen off a vertical moral cliff with the killing agenda having spread to the pediatric wards, the mentally ill, and now stalking the elderly “tired of life”–all reported here and in my other writings.

But even that isn’t enough.  The cultural death addiction is now spreading, as I have reported, to the point that people want to be able to do each other.  That process is moving ahead with Hemlock Society type advocacy of assisted suicide proselytizing.  From the Radio Netherlands story:

“A special website has been launched in the Netherlands for people who assist family or friends to commit suicide and want to tell their stories anonymously, or simply ask questions. Assisted suicide carried out by lay people is currently punishable by law. In the Netherlands, only doctors can carry out assisted suicides, and they can do so only if they follow strict protocols. [Me: Baloney!]

“According to Right-to-Die-Netherlands (NVVE), physicians frequently refuse requests for assisted suicide, leaving patients unable to carry out their wishes in a humane way. One case recently made headlines: a man who helped his 99-year-old mother to die by giving her the lethal medication she requested. The Ministry of Justice is considering bringing charges against the man. The NVVE says people are often unwilling to help their friends and loved ones because they fear prosecution. So they’re left witnessing their loved ones dying or committing suicide and have to live with those memories. The organisation hopes that the anonymous testimonies will provoke discussion in the Netherlands and ultimately to the scrapping of the law against lay people helping in cases of assisted suicide.”

If he is prosecuted, don’t expect any meaningful punishment.  And watch, Euthanasia will spread away from the “medical model,” which is logical when you think about it because killing isn’t really a medical act.

Here’s the moral of the story: Euthanasia is addicting.  Once you allow it for a few circumstances, over time, you will allow it for many.  Ultimate destination: Death on Demand.

Editor’s note. This appears on Wesley’s terrific blog.

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