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How pro-abortionists defend abortion up to birth and for any reason, including the baby’s sex

by | Aug 16, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

When faced with their own “difficult” cases, abortion advocates  customarily either deny they exist or rationalize them away or insist it’s none of anybody’s business. It’s amazing how many seem to matter of factly accept abortions no matter how developed the baby, but stumble (however temporarily) on abortions performed because the baby is the “wrong” sex.

Every so often NRL News Today addresses  posts from The Abortioneers, a website with the handle “The Ins and Outs and Ups and Downs of Direct Service in the Field of Abortion Care.”  They are incredibly revealing.

The anonymous post is titled simply “Sex Selection.” The intent is to let her fellow abortion providers know it’s kind of okay to gulp when women (as one did last week) “calmly offered she didn’t want to have a girl” but not to hold on to that initial response.

So, we read, “Look, I’m about as pro-choice as they come. As long as it is a patient’s own decision to have an abortion, I’m cool with it regardless of the circumstances or gestation. I’ll admit though, it took me a slight second to register what the patient was telling me. My brain hitched.”

Her brain may have “hitched” but within a few paragraphs she has uncoupled any moral qualms. We read all the justifications/rationalizations/excuses. What is different is that, unlike the party line, the writer is honest enough to admit that sex-selection abortions take place in this country, almost always to a woman from an Asian country (or from that community living in the United States or Canada).

The point here is to remember that the abortion trade will abort even when the “provider” is told the woman is doing so because the baby is a girl. Here’s how she justifies this to herself: “It was a good reminder for me that we’re here to support women, in whatever it is they want, and trust that they know what they need for themselves, even if we may not understand it. We don’t need to understand. We just need to be there.”

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But if the abortion community can stomach late, late abortions, the rest of are appalled. Take this from Kelly Clinger, a post-aborted woman, who blogs at

On August 11, she blogged under the headline, “We Can’t Handle the Truth about Abortion.” Today she tells us that that post received 100,000 views in the first 36 hours! 

The “truth”—one of many, of course—that she wrote about is that a friend of hers had posted a picture of a woman who arrived at an abortion clinic

“to abort her twin baby girls. She already had daughters and didn’t want anymore. She was about 20 weeks along, but because she was pregnant with twins, she had a BIG belly. Within a few hours, the picture went viral. I began to get phone calls & emails from friends who had no idea this was going on. Many offered financial help and MANY offered to adopt her babies. Thousands of people all of over the world were praying that this girl would change her mind…and thousands were saying the picture was a hoax or that what she was doing was illegal.”

No one knows exactly how many abortions are performed later in pregnancy. We do know (a) they do take place, and (b) they take place more frequently than the abortion industry’s mouthpiece—the Guttmacher Institute—says they do.

Remember the House vote last month on the District of Columbia Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (H.R. 3803)? It passed with a sizable majority but not the required 2/3rds. What was H.R. 3803 intended to end? The current legal policy that allows abortion, for any reason, until the moment of birth in the nation’s capital.

That’s right, although you’d never know it by the sparse news coverage:  abortion is perfectly legal FOR ANY REASON up until the moment of birth in Washington, DC. Instead the media contented itself with covering peripheries and irrelevancies and avoiding the jaw-dropping truth.

The Abortion Industry has made its separate peace with abortion up until the moment of birth and abortions because the baby is a girl. Please remember that the next time pro-lifers are labeled “extremists.”

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