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“I Wish My Mother Had Aborted Me, too!”

by | Aug 16, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

If  there is anything surer than death and taxes, it’s that once one pro-abortionist says something insanely outrageous, others will pick it up and say…”Me, too!”

On Tuesday I wrote about a woman who wrote a piece titled (I kid you not) “I wish my mother had aborted me” (

Without rehearsing the entire analysis, my conclusion was that the anonymous woman who wrote under the pseudonym “Lynn Beisner” really didn’t mean what she wrote.

By that I mean, her motivation was no doubt (partly, as she wrote) to call the bluff of stories of pro-life redemption—the ones where at the last minute a woman decides for life, even though her circumstances are very difficult. But it was more out of a two-sided sentiment: regret that her mother’s life had been so tough and guilt (unfair guilt) for having “contributed” another difficulty to her mother’s already over-burdened life.

Lauren O’Neal picks up that theme today at Slate. The first part is, in parts, quite good. Then she says, if it applies to very difficult situations, why not to any, including her own? In a strange exercise in one-upsmanship O’Neal writes 

“Beisner’s philosophy even applies to situations—like my own—in which no great agony is prevented. My life has not been particularly difficult, but I wouldn’t mind if my mother had had an abortion—there would be no me to do any minding. If she’d aborted me, she probably would have gone on to have different children, and they would have had just as much inherent human value as I do. In fact, it’s likely you know and love people like my mom’s hypothetical kids, who exist precisely because their mothers had abortions earlier in life. My alternate-timeline mother would have built her life the way she wanted, and no one, including me, would have been hurt.”

I ask you, what do you DO with people who (for lack of a better word) “reason” like this? Okay, no big deal if mom aborted me. Heck, I wouldn’t have even known I was part-way home before she dispatched me to…wherever. And, with me out of the way, who knows how many other children—no less valuable than me—she would have had. Indeed, who knows how many people you see walking down the street wouldn’t be there if their mothers had procured prior abortions.

Get it? Everyone’s a winner. The dead kid—actually the more than 54 million dead kids—what do they know? Maybe they died, as it were, in service of a greater good—all those “hypothetical” kids who came afterwards.

Let’s forget all the morally relevant dimensions. For starters, babies at some point in their development CAN feel pain, which is why pro-abortionists are so adamant that this can’t REALLY be the case—and to heck with the facts.

For another, an untold number of mothers do grieve over their lost children; those aborted babies aren’t “hypothetical.”

And what does it do to us, as individual mothers and fathers, when we take the lives of our own children? If we have subsequent children, can we really tell ourselves we “made up for” the babies we annihilated? Have we “cancelled the debt”?

O’Neal’s closing paragraph is even loonier than what preceded it:

“Liberals tend to believe that all it takes to win a political argument is to coolly distribute facts and statistics, like a caterer with a tray of champagne glasses at a wedding. Facts are necessary, of course, but they’re watered-down Budweiser compared to stories like Beisner’s. People ignore numbers, but they don’t ignore ‘I wish my mother had aborted me.’ As long as anti-choicers are spinning (sometimes obviously false) narratives about last-minute epiphanies and divine deliverance, we need people like Beisner to tell their own stories—even the deep, dark, painful ones—about the necessity of abortion for women’s equality.”

The “last-minute epiphanies” actually happen. They happen all the time; ask any CPC counselor.  The real fablelists are the spinners of the “I wish my mother had aborted me” tales, who are all alive.

There’s a kind of twisted envy at work here. I just can think of a label bizarre enough to catch the flavor. 

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