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May sound simple, but you can’t vote if you are not registered!

by | Aug 14, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

On a recent edition of Pro-Life Perspective, National Right to Life President and PLP Host Carol Tobias talked about the enormous impact of voting—and how you can’t vote unless you are registered!

“The impact pro-life voters make in sending pro-life candidates to Congress is immeasurable,” Mrs. Tobias explained. When pro-lifers are elected, more pro-life measures are enacted. “Research demonstrates that pro-life legislation saves lives, which pro-lifers celebrate and pro-abortionists loathe,” she explains. “Every life saved is priceless.”

With that as background, Mrs. Tobias asked her listeners to please join National Right to Life as we participate in a massive voter registration drive in which NRLC hopes to register millions of people nationwide. Here is the bottom line.

You do not need to register again if you registered to vote for a prior election and still live at the same address. However, if you have never voted before, or have not voted while living at your current address, you will need to register.

Perhaps the most important piece of advice Mrs. Tobias offered was to go to NRLC’s website——which provides the easiest way to complete a voter registration application. [Another option is to go directly to the information at]

Here are the steps once you are there.

Click on the “Register to Vote” button on the left side of the homepage. A map of the United States will appear and you will click on your state. At that point you will be able to review the specific rules that apply to you.

You will be asked to affirm that you are an eligible citizen and to provide your personal information, including an e-mail address. You may register with a party of your choice.

A few clicks later you will see all the information you’ve entered inserted into the proper spaces on the form itself. Print out the form, sign and date it, and affix the proper postage. (Most applicants will need to enclose a copy of a valid photo ID or a qualified document that indicates your name and address. Again, follow your individual state’s instructions.)

Only one step remains. Put all of this in the mail and wait for confirmation from the authorities that you are registered and ready to vote. It’s quite simple, really.

Mrs. Tobias concluded with a very important suggestion and asked a pivotal question.

Her suggestion: After downloading the form, you will see the “Tell a Friend” section that allows you to notify up to six friends via e-mail of the registration link.

Her Question: “Are you prepared?”

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