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More to the story of abortionist Ashutosh Virmani who challenged pro-lifers to “adopt one of those ugly black babies”

by | Aug 13, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Well, it turns out that there is much more behind the story of abortionist Ashutosh Virmani, according to Karen Garloch of The Charlotte Observer.

Virmani, you may recall, was heard in an online video “challenging [pro-life] protestors to ‘adopt one of those ugly black babies’ and get them ‘off the taxpayers’ money,’” as Garloch, a health writer, explained today.

Garloch provides both the quote and the context in her story. In the video, dated July 26

“Virmani can be overheard telling the group not to put the cost of pregnancy and adoption on taxpayers.

“One of the group members asks if he would rather profit from the babies, referring to performing abortions.

“’No, no, I’m not profiting,’ Virmani responds. ‘I, as a taxpayer, do not wish for those babies to be born and brought up and kill those people in Colorado.’

“One of the protesters says: ‘If you tell us, we would adopt them.’

“’Let me see you adopt one of those ugly black babies,’ Virmani says. ‘Go ahead. Adopt these babies, OK? Take them off the taxpayers’ money.’”

Turns out that Virmani works for “A Preferred Women’s Health Center in Charlotte,” Garloch writes, and “has for many years accused Presbyterian Hospital of racism for excluding him from practicing there.”

His clinical privileges were suspended there in 1995 by a peer review committee after “he accidentally pierced an important blood vessel that led to the leg” during surgery in 1994 for pelvic pain after a hysterectomy, Garloch reports. Virmani sued after the hospital’s board of trustees upheld the decision.

“A state court ordered a new peer review, which had the same outcome,” Garloch reports. “In 1999, Virmani sued again, unsuccessfully, in federal court, claiming that Presbyterian was more severe with him than with white doctors who made similar mistakes.”

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