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“Of course they knew, they just didn’t care”

by | Aug 3, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

The last item for this week’s editions of National Right to Life News Today was spurred by a piece that appeared this week in a Democratic magazine, The American Prospect, under the headline, “Abortion: the New Wedge Issue.” Since it is late in the day and later in the week, I will be very brief.

Ordinarily when pro-abortion writers, such as (in this case) Daniel Townsend, use the idiom “wedge issue,” they mean that politicians )and pro-life organizations, for that matter) are cynically exploiting the issue. In other words, they really don’t care about what happens to 1.2 million unborn children and their mothers each year, it’s just to move people who otherwise might not be in their column over to their side.

In this case Townsend’s thesis is contained in his first sentence: “The GOP’s extremism on reproductive rights gives Democrats an opportunity to pick up moderates.” Think about that for a second.

Since May there were enough Democrats in the House of Representatives who voted “no” to thwart bills to end the regime of abortion on demand until birth in the nation’s capital (the District of Columbia Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, H.R. 3803) and to prohibit performing or coercing abortions to eliminate unborn babies of an undesired sex, almost always girls (the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act, H.R. 3541). Both secured solid majorities but not the two-thirds vote needed under the fast-track procedure that was used.

If resistance to ending these hideous practices doesn’t qualify as genuine “extremism,” what would?

One quick additional point. It should surprise no one that in both instances, opponents floated nonsense about a “war on women.” Did they not notice that the babies lost to sex-selection abortions are girls, in almost every case?

Of course they knew. They just didn’t care.

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