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Pro-Life Camps Unnerve pro-abortionists

by | Aug 6, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

When the New York Times reprinted a favorable article about pro-life summer camps, I have to confess I wondered what spasms of indignation this would drive pro-abortion sites to.

Naturally, I checked out the story by Senior Political Reporter Robin Marty which appeared at, a site that is saturated in militant pro-abortion ideology and drenched in conspiracy talk.

It’s bad enough to Marty that Texas Right to Life’s camp (the focus of the piece which first appeared in the Texas Tribune written by Morgan Smith) is a great place for teenagers “to plug students into the movement and help them refine their passion into knowledge they can use to advance the cause in their own communities” (to quote from the story).

But worse, in reality, the camp is a cover. A cover for what? “[A]nother step in trying to establish a religiously-(and Christian) based government,” according to Marty. No one else would find this so, but such pseudo-apocalyptic hyperbole is catnip to her readers so, why not throw it out there?

However, there is a backhanded compliment near the end of the rant. “Although the Reveal camp is in its third year, National Right to Life has been working to help states establish their own versions of these camps for years,” Marty writes.

True. (There’s a first.) Pro-lifers are happy to advertise to the world that we have pro-life summer camps and Marty quotes from something Becky Miller, Education Coordinator for Rhode Island Right to Life, wrote in 2010 (probably the article she wrote for us):

“If your organization is looking to build a youth education program that includes a camp or retreat, National Right to Life is working on rolling out a camp program to help you get started in your state.”

It’s already August so many pro-life camps have already taken place. But there is always next year. So do get in touch with us at

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