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Pro-Lifers “Pumped” over selection of Ryan as Romney’s VP

by | Aug 13, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-Life Mitt Romney introduces his pro-life running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan, in Norfolk, VA.

Two responses–from as far apart on the respect for life spectrum as you can possibly get–place in stark relief what pro-life Mitt Romney’s choice of pro-life Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wi.) means for the 2012 presidential campaign.

On its Facebook page Wisconsin Right to Life (NRLC’s state affiliate) posted this:

“WRTL elated over selection of our dear friend, Rep. Paul Ryan, as Romney’s VP pick! Ryan has been a champion for life throughout his brilliant career. We are pumped! How about you?”

NARAL President Nancy Keenan immediately sent out a fundraiser which began

“The threat to women’s reproductive lives and health just doubled.

“Just this morning, Mitt Romney announced his choice for his vice presidential running mate: Anti-choice extremist Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI).

“Anti-choice forces are thrilled with Ryan, and it’s no wonder why.”

Yes, indeed (to borrow from both perspectives), “it’s no wonder why” pro-lifers are “pumped.”

NRL News Today has three items about Gov. Romney’s selection of the 42-year-old congressman, beginning with an article Wisconsin Right to Life wrote for us and NRLC’s official release which went out Saturday: “A Solid Pro-Life Ticket for a Pro-Life America.”

The bottom line basics are his voting record, which is exemplary: a 100% pro-life voting record on all roll call votes scored by National Right to Life. This includes support for the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, and most recently the District of Columbia Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, among others. No wonder in his previous elections for the U.S. House of Representatives, Paul Ryan has received the endorsement of both National Right to Life and its state affiliate, Wisconsin Right to Life.

But it’s more than casting the right votes, as critically important as that is. For example, although it seems like ancient news now, a couple of years ago some were proposing a “truce” on so-called “social issues.” In that quiet respectful way that is his habit, Ryan told the Weekly Standard’s John McCormack that he wasn’t about to “unilaterally disarm.”

“’I’m as pro-life as a person gets,’ Ryan continued. ‘You’re not going to have a truce. Judges are going to come up. Issues come up, they’re unavoidable, and I’m never going to not vote pro-life.’”

And then there is the man—the husband and father. Here’s how WRTL describes him:

“Who is Paul Ryan?  Fervently pro-life, amiable, tons of character, principled, honest, charismatic, man of integrity, fantastic communicator, devoted husband and father. This is the man we met in 1998 and he has not changed, just grown in stature and maturity.  People know Paul Ryan and like him.” 

And in the first five minutes of his first speech after the announcement in Norfolk, Virginia, Ryan said

“I want you to meet my family. My wife Janna, our daughter Liza, and our sons, Charlie and Sam. I am surrounded by the people I love, and I have been asked by Governor Romney to serve the country I love.”

(As an aside that is why Democrats kicked their demonization program into high-gear instantaneously. Ryan IS so likeable, so wholesome that their game plan is to concede that while he is a wonderful human being that just makes it all the worse that he’s such a “radical.”)

Ryan, as everyone knows by now, is a man of ideas. His explanation of the flaws of President Obama’s approach at the “Health Care Summit” is a masterpiece of persuasion that is meaty, succinct, and intelligible to the layperson.

His convictions on abortion were on clear display in a 2009 op-ed published in The Journal Times of Racine, Wisconsin. Ryan wrote

“Personally, I believe that life begins at conception, and it is for that reason that I feel we need to protect that life as we would protect other children…I remain committed to restoring the value of human life and fighting for the rights of the unborn…Most importantly, we must ensure that the most vulnerable among us – both unborn children and mothers struggling with unplanned pregnancies – are afforded the compassion and opportunities they need to choose life.”

One thing almost everyone agreed on was that there is a genuine camaraderie between Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan. That is no small consideration. When members of the presidential ‘ticket’ obviously enjoy one another’s company, this typically brings out the very best in both. And that clearly is the case already.

We were already committed to be elsewhere, so my wife and I were unable to attend the Sunday Romney/Ryan rally in Manassas, Virginia, only about 30 minutes from our home. But we did have friends who were able to go and they vouched for what even the Washington Post concluded was a jam-packed, enthusiastic crowd. That response has already been replicated elsewhere, including North Carolina.

Near the end of that Norfolk speech, where he accepted the vice presidential nomination, Ryan said

“But America is more than just a place…it’s an idea. It’s the only country founded on an idea. Our rights come from nature and God, not government.  …

For this, and 1.2 million other reasons each year, no wonder National Right to Life President Carol Tobias said, upon hearing the announcement, “The pro-life Romney-Ryan team stands in sharp contrast to the avowed pro-abortion administration of Barack Obama and Joe Biden,” adding, “With the election of a Romney-Ryan ticket, America, and her children, will be in good hands.”

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