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Risks of repeat abortions to subsequent pregnancies documented in Finnish Study

by | Aug 30, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

In her Pro-Life Perspective broadcast for today, NRLC President and PLP Host Carol Tobias reminds us that one of the key foundations for the anti-life view is that while abortion kills unborn babies (“terminates pregnancies”), mothers come out unharmed. It was never true and isn’t true—especially with women who have repeat abortions– as a new study from the journal “Human Reproduction” documents.

National Institute for Health and Welfare in Helsinki, Finland, researchers  studied data on more than 31,000 women, all of whom had at least one abortion between 1996 and 1998 and produced “Birth outcomes after induced abortion: a nationwide register-based study of first births in Finland.” The Daily Mail explained

“Having repeat abortions can raise the risk of life-threatening problems for future pregnancies, according to a study. Women who had three or more were up to three times more likely to have a future baby early – even before 28 weeks in the womb – and of a poor weight. Those who had two abortions before their first child also had a greater chance of giving birth prematurely. Babies who are born early, particularly by three months or more, and with a low weight often need special hospital care to ensure their survival.”

The backdrop for the stories in the British press is a development that is making even the most nonchalant pro-abortionist in Great Britain queasy: the growing number of repeat abortions, especially among teenagers.

For example, in 2010, 13.8% of women who had abortions already had had at least one previous abortion. As the Daily Mail explained in its story on the study (“Having three or more abortions ‘raises risk of premature birth and life-threatening problems in future pregnancies’”), “Figures show thousands of teenagers are having repeat abortions, with some ending at least eight pregnancies. Out of 38,269 having terminations in England and Wales in 2010, 5,300 had already had at least one.”

The Daily Mail’s Jenny Hope then adds (as if it needed to be added), “The research is likely to fuel the debate over repeat abortions now that evidence has emerged of potential harm to babies born subsequently.”

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