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South Carolina Man Arrested after allegedly beating pregnant girlfriend and killing unborn baby

by | Aug 10, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Words written on a piece of paper or scrolling across your computer monitor can make you almost sick to your stomach. But they only go so far in conveying the horror of a woman losing her baby following a beating by a boyfriend, and what she will nevertheless say in his defense ( says that “Deputies said an Inman [South Carolina] man was accused of beating his pregnant girlfriend and killing the unborn baby,” and that 21-year-old Michael Ellenburg was arrested and charged with aggravated criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature. He was later released on a $10,000 bond.

Deputies said they had been called to Spartanburg Regional Medical Center to speak with a woman who had been beaten up.  Elizabeth Storey told FoxNewsCarolina’s Casey Vaughn that Ellenburg was upset with her “after she hung out with friends for several hours.”

Deputies told Vaughn that Storey said Ellenburg had run towards her and  punched her in the face.  “As the woman lay on the ground, Ellenburg continued to punch her in the face and kneed her in the stomach, deputies said.” Ellenburg and Storey have two other children together.

Deputies also said Ellenburg knew Storey was 10-and-a-half weeks pregnant. “Before investigators left the hospital, they learned the baby died,” Vaughn reported.

According  to Vaughn’s on-air report, authorities are “waiting on tests to see if the beating caused Elizabeth Storey  to lose the baby,  or if there were other medical reasons.”

On the video you hear Storey sobbing, insisting that Ellenburg “has a heart, he has a big heart” and that he “cared about both his kids and cared for this one, too.” She also said she doesn’t want anything to happen to him.

“He didn’t mean it at all.”

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