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by | Aug 13, 2012

By Carol Tobias, President
National Right to Life

On Saturday pro-Life Mitt Romney chose pro-life Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wi.) to be his vice presidential running mate.

The battle is on.  Advocates of abortion went ballistic when pro-life Mitt Romney announced that his VP running mate would be pro-life Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wi.). When reporters came to National Right to Life, we proudly pointed out that Congressman Paul Ryan has a 100% pro-life voting record with NRLC. 

Congressman Ryan has a deep, abiding respect for all human life, including unborn children and their mothers, the disabled, and the elderly. His selection as the vice presidential nominee underscores, once again, Mitt Romney’s commitment to protecting innocent human life. (See “A SOLID PRO-LIFE TICKET FOR A PRO-LIFE AMERICA.”)

What did the “other side” say to the selection of Ryan as Romney’s running mate” What else? They tried to reignite the so-called “war on women.”  

Planned Parenthood called Ryan’s pro-life views anti-woman, saying “It’s no surprise: Mitt Romney has picked a running mate who’s just as bad as he is on issues affecting women’s health and rights.”  It added, “Women and men who care about women’s health are speaking out now to tell Mitt Romney and his vice presidential candidate, Paul Ryan: we’ll do whatever it takes to keep you from gaining the power to deny women access to care.”

NARAL issued a plea for funds, emailing that “Romney and Ryan are dangerous to women’s health.”  NARAL President Nancy Keenan added, “With nothing to stand in the way of the extreme Romney-Ryan agenda, we could lose the protection of Roe v. Wade, women’s health and lives will be at risk — and anti-choice zealots could wipe out decades’ worth of reproductive rights we’ve fought so hard to win.”

Talking head pundits on TV news shows were quick to declare that women would not vote for the Romney-Ryan ticket because of their “extreme” pro-life views.  This is a challenge to all pro-lifers to prove them wrong.

There is a “war on women,” but it is being waged by those who don’t care about unborn children or their mothers.  The gauntlet has been thrown down and the battle is on.  We fight to protect unborn children and their mothers, we fight to protect the disabled and elderly who will be denied medical care.  The stakes are too high in this election to do anything less than our best.

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