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Two Democratic Pollsters find ominous news for Obama

by | Aug 29, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

James Carville

A tip of the hat to Ed Morrissey for flagging the latest poll numbers from James Carville’s “Democracy Corps,” which Morrissey writes “should have the sirens wailing over at Team Obama.”

Under the headline, “August Economy Project Survey,” Carville et al. find President Obama up by two points. So why should there by wailing and gnashing of teeth among Obama supporters?

Simple: Mitt Romney enjoys a 15 point lead among Independents. If this figure is anywhere in the ballpark, it is a remarkable turnaround from 2008 when Obama won Independents by eight points (52% to 44%) on his way to an eight point overall victory.

In the oh-by-the-way column, in another poll from another Democratic polling company– Public Policy Pollster–we read, “Obama lead declining in Iowa.” What did PPP’s newest Iowa poll find? “Barack Obama’s lead in the state declining all the way to two points. He’s at 47% to 45% for Mitt Romney. In July we found Obama ahead 48-43 and in May it was 51-41.”

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