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What is airing on Pro-Life Perspective Today? “Steven Mosher @ NRLC 2012,” Part 5

by | Aug 3, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Steven Mosher at NRLC 2012 convention.(Left to right) NRLC President Carol Tobias, NRLC Chairwoman of the Board Geline William,
Mosher, and Olivia Gans Turner, director of American Victims of Abortion

Before we finish our look at Steven Mosher’s opening address to the 42nd annual National Right to Life Convention, it’s important to remember you can purchase a CD or MP3 of this, and every other general session and workshop from the 2012 convention.

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Mr. Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute, tackled in a thorough and understandable manner the myth of population that is used to justify actively promoting abortion to limit population growth. At the close of yesterday’s show, Mr. Mosher noted the advances we’ve made as our society and the fact that last year we welcomed the 7-billionth person into the world. But that doesn’t stop the “mainstream media” from being “more inclined to propagate false myths than report the truth–or even allow rigorous debate.”   Mr. Mosher continued

Let me give you an example. Here is how the media shuts us out in many cases.  The BBC called me on Tuesday of this week to ask if I would go on air to discuss a report out of China on the “One Child” policy.  Abuses of the one child policy abound.   We haven’t time to talk about it today, but forced abortions are still occurring, forced sterilizations, late-term abortions of the kind that I witnessed over 30 years ago are still happening every day in China.  Women are being arrested for the crime of being pregnant –  the “crime” of being pregnant –  taken, sometimes be taken by force, to abortion clinics, sometimes held down on operating tables and forced to have abortions.  Babies are being killed at birth because they are illegal children – they don’t have a quota from the government.  The quota that would allow them to live, and without that quota they are condemned to death. 

So all of these things are still happening, the BBC wanted me on the air. 

“I had a lengthy ‘pre-interview interview’ with Rosita Risanti of the BBC, eager to have me on.  But shortly before I was to go on I received the following e-mail: ‘Steve how best do we describe the Population Research Institute?  We may have a problem if it is a pro-life organization.  I welcome your advice, please.  Regards, Rose.’  While I confirmed that ‘Yes, we were a pro-life organization but we were also engaged in objective demographic and population research.’ But the segment was canceled.  Why?  Because we are pro-life and therefore were beyond the range of what the BBC considers to be the ‘allowable range of opinions’ on subjects, and so we don’t exist.  And the listeners of the BBC are not allowed to hear us.  So the deadly myth of overpopulation that continues to kill millions – tens of millions of babies each year in China and elsewhere lives on.”

Mr. Mosher ended his session on an good news that he had just come from Canada’s March for Life that drew 20,000 or more people. The opposition? Maybe 50 at most. His conclusion? “We in the pro-life movement own the future.”

Be sure to listen to the broadcast today at www.prolifeperspective. Com where you can hear any episodes you may have missed. As noted above, there is information there on how to purchase a CD or MP3 of this, and every other general session and workshop at NRLC 2012 at We’ve also provided links to the work of the Population Research Institute and several of the videos Mr. Mosher screened at the convention.

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