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What just a few “clicks” can do to spread the pro-life word

by | Aug 20, 2012






By Dave Andrusko

By definition if you reading National Right to Life News Today you are computer literate and very likely to be an avid user of social media. There are lots of “social media,” but for our purposes here I mean Facebook and Twitter.

I just want to reemphasize something we’ve talked about previously in this space. The outreach of NRL News Today is almost entirely a reflection of the extent to which you share it using your social networks. And the wonderful thing is that is very, VERY easy to do.

Here are a few suggestions

·         The easiest and quickest route goes thusly. After NRL News Today stories appear here, I post them at Readers then re-tweet them. One friend of mine has a thousand plus followers, another well over 2,000. I’m sure you know people who have many multiples of that. Re-tweet NRL News Today stories and our numbers of grow like topsy.

·         Forward one or more of your favorite stories to all your pro-life friends.

·         Many of you have social networks that ran from dozens of people to hundreds to even thousands. Post your favorite stories through Facebook along with a personal comment on the story.  Share stories you like with you Twitter followers.  If you have a Pinterest account, by all means pin the stories that interest you.  You might be surprised to see who else feels the same!

·         Send people a short note that goes along with the forwarded story saying that you enjoy National Right to Life News Today and hope they will sign up. They can do either by clicking on “Receive NRL News Today  in Your E-Mail, “ which is found in the upper right hand corner, or by going separately to

Most of you are far more creative than I am. In addition to sharing NRL News Today with your pro-life friends, please pass along additional ideas how to “share the wealth” to

The objective, of course, is for those followers eventually to follow NRL News Today. And the more our readers alert their friends and contacts, the more pro-lifers will have a chance to read our Monday through Saturday coverage of all things pro-life.

You won’t believe what an impact you could have.

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