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What’s airing on Pro-Life Perspective Today? “Steven Mosher @ NRLC 2012,” Part 4

by | Aug 2, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Steven Mosher at NRLC 2012 convention.(Left to right) NRLC President Carol Tobias, NRLC Chairwoman of the Board Geline William,
Mosher, and Olivia Gans Turner, director of American Victims of Abortion

As a way of introducing you to some of the great presentations at the 2012 National Right to Life convention, National Right to Life President and Pro-Life Perspective Host Carol Tobias is using this week so share excerpts from Steven Mosher’s opening address. Mr. Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute, addressed the overpopulation myth that is used to justify promoting abortion to limit population growth.

Mrs. Tobias left off yesterday with quotes from Mr. Mosher where he presented evidence that our world population is falling below the 2.1 children needed to maintain a stable population. He noted that “Every country that has a high standard of living is having too few children to replace the current population” and the irony that organizations such as  the UN Population Fund and the Obama Administration “ are spending billions of dollars to force the birth rate down in less developed countries where they have birthrates are still above replacement.”

Mr. Mosher explained that it “doesn’t make any sense” in places like Kenya, where mortality rates among children and infants in Kenya are still high, to insist that they have only two children. Under present conditions, “they have to have three or four children in order to have two children survive to adulthood.”

Mosher said he tells those who are

“worried that the birthrates in Latin America and Asia and Africa are too high, what you should be doing is providing primary health care, malaria tablets for malaria victims, penicillin for people with pneumonia, inoculations to prevent people from dying from preventable tropical diseases.  Because if you do that– if you lower the infant child mortality rate–the birth rate will fall as a consequence.  This is well known.  (This is called the ‘demographic transition.’) Child mortality rates fall and then birthrates fall in consequence. “

Mosher went on to add that he also tells people who are worried about overpopulation, “Don’t give radical feminists hundreds of millions of dollars so they can promote abortion in poor countries where women actually want antibiotics for sick kids–not so-called ‘reproductive health care.’” Instead, Mosher said he tells them, “Respond to the better angels of your nature.  Do the right thing and help children live.  And this other problem – the so-called problem of overpopulation that you’re so worried about will solve itself.”

Tomorrow the conclusion to Mr. Mosher’s terrific opening speech. You can listen to any episodes you may have missed at You will also find information how to purchase CDs or MP3s of all the convention presentations

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