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What’s airing on Pro-Life Perspective today? “Who Really Cares About Women,” Part 3

by | Aug 29, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

NRLC President Carol Tobias

In today’s third of a four-part series, National Right to Life President and Pro-Life Perspective Host Carol Tobias continues to go behind the pro-abortion claim that there is a “war on women,” which is in reality a direct attack on pro-lifers who deeply oppose killing 1.2 million unborn children each year. As Mrs. Tobias explains,

“Using the flawed logic being employed by our opponents in this battle for life, if you don’t agree with them on ‘choice,’ then you must hate women. I strongly dispute that.  We know that pro-lifers care about the mother and her unborn baby.  Those who advocate for killing the unborn child care neither for the child nor the mother.” 

Yesterday Mrs. Tobias took a preliminary look at the fact that advocates of abortion are supporting the forced abortion program in China by funding the United Nations Population Fund with our tax dollars. She picks up on that discussion by talking in detail about China’s brutal “One-Child” policy and the prevalence of sex-selection abortion in countries like China, India, and a number of Asian countries.

Such deeply discriminatory behavior is now practiced in the United States.

“Abortion advocates who claim to be pro-woman should recoil at the notion that ’freedom of choice’ includes even the choice to abort a little unborn girl, merely because she is a girl,” Mrs. Tobias says. “But when given the opportunity to support legislation in Congress to prohibit sex-selection abortion, abortion advocates fail the baby girls.  Rather than oppose sex-selection abortion, they oppose the legislation.”

In Part Three, she offers other examples of how pro-abortionists do not care about women, including their adamant refusal to acknowledge that many women do suffer post-abortion trauma. Mrs. Tobias includes today’s episode by remarking

“Abortion advocates who say they are pro-woman are anything but.  They aren’t interested in making abortion “safe” for women.  They aren’t interested in defending girls who are being killed because they are girls.  They aren’t interested in women who suffer from their abortion. The bottom line for abortion advocates is making sure that abortion remains legal.  That unborn child must be sacrificed at all costs.”

You can heard today’s broadcast—and Parts One and Two—at Be sure to share this with your pro-life friends and family members.

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