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An exciting new program: Commit 2 Vote 2012

by | Sep 20, 2012

The upcoming general election is just 47 days away, and the Gallup polling firm (whose numbers at this point have predicted the winner in every race since 1964 except one) has Barack Obama and Mitt Romney at a statistical tie.

Every vote matters, and National Right to Life is excited to be participating in one of the largest voter registration projects in American history.

National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund has partnered with Focus on the Family in a project called Commit 2 Vote 2012.  This project sends mailings directly to our supporters who are not yet registered to vote but whose participation in this year’s election is crucial.

The mailing contains two voter registration forms.  Each is pre-addressed with the proper local election office for easy return mailing.  The project will also include a phone call to recipients of this mailing.

Darla St. Martin, who is coordinating the project for the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund, praised the outstanding work of Mr. Tom Minnery, Senior Vice President of Focus on the Family, on this unprecedented partnership to conduct one of the largest combined and nonpartisan voter-registration campaigns ever which will reach 5 million unregistered pro-life, pro-family households with 10 million registration forms.

The process could not be simpler, but the cause could literally not be greater.  The most vulnerable members of our society, the voiceless unborn children of this country, are relying on the action of millions of pro-life people.  We must be committed to exercise our right to vote to ensure their right to live.

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