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Barack Obama’s Record on Life

by | Sep 5, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

In a newly updated factsheet, National Right to Life summarizes in one page how Barack Obama has done more damage to the pro-life cause, in just three years, than any President in history. If you click here, you can read, “The Presidential Record on Life: President Barack Obama, 2009—present.” It makes for sobering reading.

There are eight categories: Supreme Court; Health Care Law; Funding Abortion Providers; Embryo-Destroying Research; Abortion Funding; International Abortion Advocacy; Appointments; and Conscience Protection. I lay them out individually for one simple reason: nothing quite focuses the pro-life mind like seeing how much anti-life havoc a pro-abortion President can wreak.

What does the depth and breadth of this tells us? Let me mention just two conclusions.

A pro-abortion President, first, is a nemesis to the unborn at home and abroad. The anti-life mind sees it as a triumph of the first order to tear down the protective laws of nations which show reverence for the unborn. Nothing gets them more excited than the prospect of conjuring up a worldwide “right to abortion.”

Second, pro-abortion Presidents are bent not only on maintaining the uninterrupted flow of money to the Abortion Industry, they also relish the prospect of greatly expanding the pool of dollars. More money=more dead babies.

At the bottom of the factsheet is a very, very important reminder: “Please copy and distribute freely.”

Please do!

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