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Game On: Obama Accepts Party’s Nomination for a second term, classic pro-life/pro-abortion matchup

by | Sep 6, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama and Pro-abortion Vice President Joe Biden

The juxtaposition of the very end of the Democratic National Convention Thursday night with everything that preceded it was so startling it almost took your breath away.

For three days from one end of the hall to the other a litany of hosannas to “reproductive choice”/”women controlling their own bodies.”  Then following the President’s defiant acceptance speech, first the playing of a song from Bruce Springsteen, “We take care of our own”—not intended to be, but nonetheless a reminder of the 1.2 million of our own we DON’T take care of each year– then the closing benediction from Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who prayed for “life, without which no other rights are secured,” the first and only reference to the unborn child heard at the Time Warner Cable Arena.

The President made his case for his re-election with a long, long list of goals he wants to achieve (specifics need not apply), but it boiled down to this argument heard at the end of his speech. The 2008 election was not, he said, about him, but about “you.” “You” made change possible and if “you” don’t return him for a second term, “you” are failing not him but yourself.

Put another way—borrowing from President Clinton’s argument the night before—four years isn’t enough to fix the mess he inherited from Republicans. So much for owning up to his record.

President Obama himself made only a passing reference to abortion. If he is not returned to office, the door will be left open, he warned, to “Washington politicians” who want to “control health care choices that women should make for themselves.” The President staunchly defended ObamaCare, without either mentioning it by name or by facing up to the face that it remains deeply unpopular, so unpopular that it cost dozens of Democrats who voted for it their seats in 2010.

Vice President Joe Biden also only alluded to abortion, talking about “a future where women control their own choices, health, and destiny.” But as more than one commentator observed, his speech could be divided in half; the first half where he offered plausible defenses of administration policies, a second half that was demagoguery on steroids.

The slurs, the personal attacks, indeed the slanderous insinuations that called into question the very patriotism of Republicans was stunning. Not content with that Biden also revived the widely discredited story that “Barack had to sit at the end of his mom’s hospital bed and watch her fight cancer and fight her insurance companies at the same time.“ That simply isn’t true, or even close to the truth.

In the more watched hours of the convention, the most out-and-out abortion advocacy came from President John Kennedy’s daughter, Caroline Kennedy-Strasburg. She said of Obama

“His commitment to women is about even more than economic rights—it’s about health care, reproductive rights, and our ability to make our own decisions about ourselves, our families, and our future,” she said. “When it comes to what’s best for women, there is only one candidate in this race who is on our side: Barack Obama.”

She added, “As a Catholic woman, I take reproductive health seriously, and today, it is under attack. This year alone, more than a dozen states have passed more than 40 restrictions on women’s access to reproductive health care.” It needn’t be added that her church was and is in the forefront of passing these “restrictions,” better described as protective laws.

Biden and Obama readily agreed with Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan: this election offers starkly different choices with implications for decades to come.

As Biden said of Romney and Obama, “They bring vastly different values and visions to the job.”

They do, indeed. Gov. Romney values the lives of unborn babies and President Obama simply does not. Obama prides himself on his inclusiveness but when it comes to the most vulnerable his vision is blinded.

If I may paraphrase Proverbs, “Where there is no vision, the unborn perish.”

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