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“In the time since you loaded this page….”

by | Sep 10, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

When politely asked why we don’t comment on some of our zany opposition’s most outrageous comments, I explain NRL News Today chooses not to comment on many pro-abortion blogs whose assaults are, at best, vulgar, at worst obscene. We just won’t.

I’m not going to use that as a backdoor way to make an exception in order to talk about a couple of really tasteless examples that have popped up the last few days. Rather I mention our policy because of something that I just ran across that reminded me yet again of the many thought-provoking ways we can make the case for life.

We’ve all seen those rolling figures that show you how the size of our already incredible national debt has grown even larger before your eyes.  The “U.S. National Debt Clock: Real Time” can be mesmerizing. And those figures, important as they are, are just dollars.

This afternoon I ran across a real-time abortion “clock”. There were three columns. The first column shows you the number of abortions that have been performed just today in the United States and the number performed by Planned Parenthood this year (among other sorrowful data).  Other columns show other facts of death, including the number of abortions performed around the world since 1980 and (perhaps worse of all) the number of babies lost to abortion since you loaded this page.

Every couple of seconds, the counter turns over, representing the death of another baby somewhere in these United States. This IS mesmerizing for these are flesh and blood human beings whose only crime is that they are “unwanted” and/or a baby girl.

Ironically, I saw this abortion clock about twenty minutes after I saw the latest propaganda piece/ad from Planned Parenthood’s political arm, hammering pro-life Mitt Romney titled “Turn the Clock Back.”  

If only we could. Indeed, if only we could stop that clock once and for all. 

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