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Media outlets give pro-abortion self-promotion a helping hand

by | Sep 20, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

NARAL President Nancy Keenan and President Obama

The genius of the political wing of the Abortion Establishment is to feed a receptive mainstream media a full plate of what they say will be on their menu doing this election season. That’s why organizations such as NARAL Pro-Choice America and EMILY’s List spoon feed the POLITICOS and the Washington Posts and the New York Timeses with their plans to dump money into various states, primarily with the intention of defeating pro-life Mitt Romney but also of defeating pro-life congressional incumbents or challengers.

Add to this the lure of ‘micro-targeted’ advertising (it sounds so scientific) and the storyline is that NARAL et al. anticipate being able to find enough pro-abortion woman in key “swing” states to win what everyone knows will be a very close election. And the more precise they say they are (its “top targets” are supposedly 338,020 female voters in “25 swing counties”), the more it persuades those who want to be persuaded that NARAL will be able to bring “voters who in large part are not solidly with the president,”  to quote Nancy Keenan, NARAL president, “back into Obama’s fold.”

This is not by any means to dismiss their efforts to win what NARAL calls “pro-choice Obama defectors” (in Reuters’ words, women “who voted for the Democrat in 2008 and support abortion rights but who now might be wavering or planning to stay home on Election Day”). They have lots and lots of money and there is no reason to question their determination.

What’s discussed but dismissed out of hand by the hyperbole? That as is the case with the core constituencies that gave Obama a victory in 2008, fewer pro-abortion women will be voting for the President in 2012. NARAL’s assumption is that enough hysterical anti-Romney ads will bring some/many/most of these “defectors” back in line. Maybe, but maybe not.

More to the point note what else is missing. Not always, but on most occasions, the self-congratulatory pro-abortion media hype is not balanced by what pro-lifers (who are no less determined) are doing. For example, the work of National Right to Life PAC.

For thirty plus years, NRL PAC has made up for its perennial cash disadvantage by campaigning smart, by reaching pro-life voters across the nation, and by doing so without laying out specifics or bragging to the media.

Pro-life people—women or men who voted four years ago—don’t need to be persuaded to participate this time around. They understand, as NRLC President Carol Tobias has said, that the choice is “stark.”

Yesterday, NRL News Today wrote about the simple but often overlooked truism that you can’t vote if you are not registered. And as you will read at “An exciting new program: Commit 2 Vote 2012,” the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund has partnered with Focus on the Family in a project called Commit 2 Vote 2012.  This project sends mailings directly to supporters who are not yet registered to vote but whose participation in this year’s election is crucial.

This unprecedented partnership to conduct one of the largest nonpartisan voter-registration campaigns ever will reach 5 million unregistered pro-life, pro-family households with 10 million registration forms.

If you pay attention, you’ll see a steady stream of pro-abortion propaganda from NARAL, EMILY’s List, Planned Parenthood’s political action arm. And that’s fine.

Please remember two things.

First, in 2010, NRL PAC actively worked in 130 of the most competitive federal races nationwide.  Eighty-eight of the 130 candidates supported by National Right to Life PAC won.

Eighteen of those candidates were in highly competitive races against candidates who were supported by EMILY’s List, which raised and spent more than $38.5 million dollars in the 2010 elections.  Despite being vastly outspent, the pro-life candidate supported by National Right to Life PAC won in fourteen of those eighteen races (or 78 percent).

Second, pro-lifers fully understand who Barack Obama is and what he would do were he to be re-elected.

Enough said.

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