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PPFA and NARAL Crank up attack ads on Pro-Life Team of Romney and Ryan

by | Sep 26, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

NARAL President Nancy Keenan

Planned Parenthood’s political arm—the Planned Parenthood Action Fund—is starting a new series of television ads against pro-life Mitt Romney, this week in Virginia and next week in Ohio, The Hill newspaper reported. “Combined, that airtime purchase from Planned Parenthood Votes and PPAF is worth $3.5 million and brings the group’s total investment in ads against Romney to about $5 million,” according to The Hill’s Elise Viebeck.

The latest 33-second spot argues (surprise, surprise) that the Republican ticket of Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan is “out of touch” on women’s health issues.  Although Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinics do not perform mammograms, in “Cynthia’s Story,” a woman claims Planned Parenthood helped her survive a battle with cancer. The Planned Parenthood Action Fund has endorsed a kindred spirit for President—Barack Obama

Meanwhile, NARAL Pro-Choice America has sent out another fundraiser, based on its assertion that it has identified “1.2 million [female] voters in nine key states who would vote for pro-choice candidates, if only they knew what I just told you”—aka, that Romney and Ryan are “extremists.”

NARAL President Nancy Keenan tells her followers that they are targeting voters in 25 swing countries—”They’re women. They’re pro-choice. But they need to be reminded of how many of their rights would be taken away under a Romney presidency.”

An already receptive mainstream media is intrigued by this “micro-targeting” of what they call “pro-choice Obama defectors” and awed by the vast amounts of money pro-abortionists will spend to keep the most pro-abortion President ever in office.

There is no reason to believe that pro-abortion forces, historically awash in money, are hurting for funds in 2012. But because pro-lifers in general rarely publicly tout their private strategies, NARAL and PPFA get to gloat. Which is fine, as long as pro-lifers remember a couple of truths.

First, there are far more than the supposed 338,020 female voters NARAL says it is trying to bring back in the fold who have also lost their ardor for President Obama. Other than African-Americans, there is no reason to believe any of the groups that made up Obama’s core constituencies in 2008 will approach similar turnout figures in 2012.

But just because it is not bragging to the media, don’t forget that for thirty plus years, National Right to Life  PAC has made up for its perennial cash disadvantage by campaigning smart, by reaching pro-life voters across the nation, and by doing so quietly.

Pro-life people—women or men who voted four years ago—don’t need to be persuaded to participate in 2012. They understand, as NRLC President Carol Tobias has said, that the choice is “stark.”

Last week, NRL News Today wrote about the simple but often overlooked truism: that you can’t vote if you are not registered. And, as you will read at “An exciting new program: Commit 2 Vote 2012,” the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund has partnered with Focus on the Family in a project called Commit 2 Vote 2012.  This project sends mailings directly to supporters who are not yet registered to vote but whose participation in this year’s election is crucial. (See

This unprecedented partnership to conduct one of the largest nonpartisan voter-registration campaigns ever will reach 5 million unregistered pro-life, pro-family households with 10 million registration forms.

Please remember that in 2010, NRL PAC actively worked in 130 of the most competitive federal races nationwide.  Eighty-eight of the 130 candidates supported by National Right to Life PAC won.

Eighteen of those candidates were in highly competitive races against candidates who were supported by EMILY’s List, which raised and spent more than $38.5 million dollars in the 2010 elections.  Despite being vastly outspent, the pro-life candidate supported by National Right to Life PAC won in fourteen of those eighteen races (or 78 percent).

Why are pro-lifers working so hard? Pro-lifers fully understand who Barack Obama is and what he would do were he to be re-elected.

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