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Rasmussen Confirms: only one point separates Obama and Romney

by | Sep 12, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama and Pro-life Mitt Romney

Rasmussen Reports today verifies what the recent Washington Post/ABC News poll concluded: after both party conventions, the race between pro-life Mitt Romney and pro-abortion President Barack Obama is back where has been–within a point.

The President initially enjoyed a modest surge following last week’s Democratic National Convention, but now leads Romney 46% to 45%, according to Rasmussen Reports. The contest is so close that if “leaners” are included, Romney leads Obama 48% to 47%. (A “leaner” is someone who initially expresses no preference but does after a follow-up question.)

As NRL News Today reported yesterday, Obama retained his one point lead over Romney among likely voters, 49% to 48%, according the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll. It could easily be argued that the numbers are actually better for Mr. Romney.

For example, the voter sample included way too few Republicans (23%). As Ed Morrissey explained, a GOP turnout that low in November “would be among the worst ever in a presidential race, if not a record.” Morrissey added, “Since enthusiasm measures in other surveys, notably Gallup’s, show an enthusiasm gap favoring Republicans, I’m not inclined to buy this poll’s likely-voter split as a model for this election.”

And it is important to know that the much ballyhooed “gender gap” has shrunk considerably. Obama enjoys only a five point advantage among women who are likely voters. Mr. Romney leads among men by three points in that same Washington Post/ABC News.

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