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What’s airing on Pro-Life Perspective Today? “Pro-life Kansas Governor Sam Brownback speaking at NRLC 2012,” Conclusion

by | Sep 27, 2012

By Carol Tobias, NRLC President & Pro-Life Perspective Host

Pro-Life Gov. Sam Brownback

Today, we finish listening to pro-life Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s speech at the closing banquet of the 42nd annual National Right to Life Convention. After having moved the convention attendees and encouraged us to action, Gov. Brownback ended his address with the personal reason why he’s prolife. Here’s Governor Brownback:

“I had cancer in 1995 and I went searching for things that would last.  And that’s the beauty of cancer at a relatively young age, is you’re looking around – okay, what can I hold on to that’s going to last? And I made a big search for things and I went back to the family farm, and I thought ‘it’s always going to be here’ and I thought ‘no, not necessarily.’  And then, my parents – they’ll always be here; well, they’re getting a little older. Well okay my wife, she’ll always be here. Well, she isn’t going to last forever. My kids, I’d go into their room crying at night, saying well they’re going to be here.  Well, they’re physical, too, they’re not going to last.

“And that’s finally when I just give up and I say, ‘God, I’m Yours.’  Whatever you want.  And I deem it such a privilege that that happened to me at a relatively young age in life, where you become a reckless abandon for God.  Where you just say, God, it’s Yours.  I give up.  I’m just, I’m Yours.  Because, you know, You’re the only thing I can find around here that lasts.  And that lasts forever.  And it’s been a beautiful choice.  And the reckless abandonment just gives you a freedom. But then I got to thinking, the Chaplain at the Senate once went around the room in a small Bible study and said, asked each of us how many constituents we have.

And he said then at the end – he said, ‘May I suggest to you that you all just have one constituent, and that’s God.  And if He’s happy, then everything’s going to be good, and if He isn’t, it probably doesn’t matter.’  And so I left there and I thought, you know, that’s a great idea.  One constituent.  Okay, I wonder what He wants? You know? 

“And I started thinking about it, and that’s when I really poured into the Pro-Life Movement.  I kept thinking, well I know God would be interested in life.  And you know He is interested in life. And you just pile into it. And then I met a little girl by the name of Chenyi Dan, that was also somebody that made me very pro-life. 

“And she was born in China.  But she was born.  And she was dropped off at an orphanage at a young age.  Her mother fought through to have her instead of aborting her, when she would have been paid – the abortion would have been paid for, she was probably punished for having her.  Yet she fights through, and she has that little girl.  And she’s sitting here with me at the table tonight.  And you’re just, you just love it… her mother’s courage, and what a young, beautiful, perfect life. 

“And it’s so easy I guess at the moment to just, it’s just a statistic.  It’s just a policy, one-child policy.  It’s just something like that.  But it isn’t just that.  It is a beautiful, precious child of the Living God that gives joy, that gives great joy.  And those things make me wonderfully pro-life.  And I know they do you as well. 

“Keep going strong.  God bless you all.”

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