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7 Days to go: Keep on Keeping On

by | Oct 30, 2012

By Carol Tobias, NRLC President

NRLC President Carol Tobias [photo credit: Elizabeth Spillman]

One week left in this presidential campaign. It doesn’t matter what you hear–and you will hear a lot– keep on keeping on.

We take nothing for granted. Keep on keeping on

Think about what we have heard over the past few weeks, how it has kept changing, and will likely change right up until November 6.

“Barack Obama is so far ahead, there’s no way he can lose.”

“Mitt Romney has the momentum.  If this keeps going, he’s the clear winner.”

“Whoever wins the next debate wins the election.”

For a while, many in the “mainstream media” seemed to be saying that President Obama was so far ahead in several key states that the election was practically over. 

Were they hoping that Romney supporters would get discouraged and give up?  If so, they don’t know you.

Then, after the first debate, we read stories that said everything is beginning to go Romney’s way.  Don’t believe that for a second, any more than you believed President Obama’s path to re-election was clear sailing.

Maybe someone is hoping that we’ll become complacent and decide we don’t have to knock on that extra door or make that extra phone call or distribute that last bunch of flyers, because our guy is going to win anyway. If they do, they don’t know you.

Here we are on the next to the last day in October. Many political activists spent a lot of time trying to determine if there will be an “October surprise,” a previously unknown story that emerges about one of the candidates, severely damaging that candidate’s chances.  Because of 24-hour news cycles, the Internet, and other forms of communication, the surprise factor appears to be less and less likely.

Since voting has already started in several states, it seems more likely that damaging information would have already been released. But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

However… regardless of the polls…regardless of any October [or November]surprise, we won’t rest until that last poll closes and every eligible pro-lifer has voted.

We keep on keeping on.

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