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British Columbia man charged with assisted suicide of depressed woman

by | Oct 3, 2012

By Alex Schadenberg, executive director
Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Alexander Schadenberg, executive director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

An article written by Rochelle Baker and published in the Abbotsford Times entitled: “Abbotsford man convicted of manslaughter now accused of steering woman to suicide,” reports that Kenneth William Carr (53) has been charged with counselling a person to commit suicide.

The article reported that according to Constable Ian MacDonald of the Abbotsford police, the woman, who is in her 40’s showed up last Thursday with ligature marks on her neck.

MacDonald was reported to have stated:

“The family member observed the injuries on the woman’s neck, and the victim told her a relatively new acquaintance had given her advice on how to commit suicide,”

“Bear in mind, this is a woman who suffers from depression.”

MacDonald also indicated that further evidence is being collected concerning other suicide deaths and the public is being asked for information about further events. MacDonald stated:

“We don’t have reports from other people at this point but we wanted to let people know – if they have information about similar events,”

An article published in the Huffington Post yesterday quoted a press release by Constable MacDonald that stated:

“The investigation is troubling, not only because of the circumstances of this incident, but also because this may not have been the only time Carr has engaged in this type of criminal behavior.”

A search warrant was executed at Carr’s home. Evidence gathered there suggests this may not have been the only time the offender has allegedly engaged in counselling or abetting a suicide. MacDonald did not explain what else was found in Carr’s apartment but he indicated that:

‘this was not the first time Carr got mixed up with vulnerable women who became the subject of violence.’

Carr was known to police. In 1999, Carr was convicted of manslaughter in the death of 17-year-old Katie Kaminski, who was murdered on August 25, 1997. Kaminski had been found naked and strangled by railroad tracks in New Westminster British Columbia.

Carr is to appear in Abbotsford court today.

It is possible that Carr is a suicide predator who has been involved in several suicide deaths.

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