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Call them “multiple abortions,” not “repeat abortions,” pro-abortionist insists

by | Oct 16, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Steph Herold

I want to get the afternoon/early evening list of National Right to Life News Today stories out and posted well before tonight’s second presidential debate, so I will just allude to a remarkable—and I am NOT exaggerating—story that appears today on the militantly pro-abortion site, We’ll write about it in-depth on Wednesday.

The headline reads, “Evidence-Based Advocacy: Expanding Our Thinking About ‘Repeat’ Abortions” and it is yet another apologetic for multiple abortions.

If you needed any hint where Steph Herold is heading notice that ‘repeat’ abortions is in quotation marks, kind of suggesting it’s a figment of our imagination or something so misunderstood as to need Ms. Herold’s corrective pen. A better word would be, we’re told, “multiple abortions.”

I should tell you that near the end Herold chides “Even our so-called pro-choice allies” because they “place judgments on women who have had multiple abortions. Mainstream pro-choice organizations often shy away from acknowledging that some women have more than one abortion.” Imagine that.

Like I say, tomorrow we’ll go into this article in depth. By way of preview, here’s her conclusion:

“We should understand women who have had multiple abortions through their individual life experiences rather than judging them on their pregnancy history. [They could have different reasons for each abortion.] If we want to better meet women’s emotional needs around abortion, we can start by using the phrase ‘multiple abortions’ instead of ‘repeat abortions,’ and moving away from policies that seek to prevent ‘repeat abortions.’ To support women who have had multiple abortions, we need to acknowledge that some abortions may be more difficult than others.”

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